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Biden Requests $6.4B in Taxpayer Money to Resettle 95,000 Afghans Across U.S.

For the arithmetically challenged, that’s $67368.42 a head.

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The price you pay when you invader a nation and ask for the cooperation of its citizens, then spend 20 years there, accomplishing very little and leave, leaving some of its inhabitants (those that were cooperative) at the mercy of the people you’ve persecuted a war against.

These are the predictable reactions in the comments section below a (different) article about the same story…

I guess the “Progressive solution” would have been let Bin Laden sit in Afghanistan, unmolested, so that he could launch more 9/11 attacks. According “the Progressives,” American deserved what happened to us on 9/11 because it had been a capitalist, “aggressor nation” that had been robbing the rest of the world.

In “the Progressive mind” the United States has had an irredeemably evil history, and in the words of “the Reverend” Jerimiah Wright, “the chickens came home to roost. God d___ America!”

I’m all for taking in friendly, vetted Afghans. The price tag is typical beltway absurdity. I’d do it in a heartbeat for 50 grand a head, and, of course, keep the change.

So what do you suggest?

Put it up for bids.

So far as the Democrats are concerned, if you are a U.S. citizen, you are a second class citizen. We pay the taxes; the benefits go to the illegal aliens. We hare required to wear masks and get yelled at for not getting vaccinated; the illegals can come in here with Covet and get bused and flown all over the country. Covet is a crisis for us, it’s not a problem for them. They have it, the local government is responsible for picking up the tab.

The Democrats hate their own people because the Democrats perceive that they can’t keep winning elections with the indigenous population. They need to change the demographic.

DEMOCRATS of today are far removed from that party of old, IMO. That so-called “party” died in 1963?

Generational Democrats may be the worst, honoring their parents through the years without regard to the extreme LEFT turn that group has taken? (Daddy was a democrat, I am too mentality.)



If it isn’t the folks who helped us in Afghanistan it would be Mexicans… it always has to be someones fault for immigration. Maybe we should of sent a Tactical shelling to Ridyah that’s where Bin Landen Was Raised Financed and Made. No we go into the third world beehive of Arabia because damn those oil contracts are lucrative and we bomb a wasteland back into the Stone Age and now we have to take care of the few literate functional people we created in 20 years. Where were you 20 years ago I was 14 and I was against war, I couldn’t vote my opinions didn’t matter by 2004 I was 17 attending peace vigils each year spent in that hell hole is one more person depending on the world police. In 2005 I voted for an antiwar senator. So what are we to do we these people we created them in a way.

I had that with my father to an extent. My father’s family were all Democrats. My grandmother was the classic southern Democrat. She agreed with the policies of the KKK with respect to African Americans., but “nice people didn’t go to those rallies.”

My grandmother supported George Wallace for President in 1968. At least she could see that the Democrats no longer supported her racial policies. My father was not that sophisticated.

My father was a dyed in wool Democrat, but of a different sort. Probably in reaction to his mother, he loved Hubert Humphrey because of his stands on race when he was the Mayor of Minneapolis. My father thought that Hubert Humphrey was the greatest statesman that the U.S. ever produced. He had books about him all over the house. It was like a funeral for him when Nixon beat Humphrey in 1968.

The funny part was my father was a small business man. One year he got nailed by the Wage and Hour laws. He was paying people to make Christmas wreaths in their homes by piece work. They got paid X for each wreath they made. People used to earn their Christmas money making wreaths by their set stoves at home. If they were good at it and worked hard, they made more than the minimum wage, sometimes a lot more.

All of that came to end when the government came in and shut my father’s business down during his busiest season. He lost $70,000 in one year was a bundle of money in the 1950s. He was up to neck in debt. He had to bring in people to work in a central location and pay them $1 an hour to salvage the Christmas season.

He blamed the Republicans because he claimed that a Republican senator had ratted him out to the benefit of that senator’s son-in-law. When I explained to him that the wage an hour laws were a Democrat program that started under FDR, he won’t listen. FDR was “a god” after all. He’d “never screw a small business man.” YEA, RIGHT. FDR was for “the little people.”

I took my father’s politics until I started working and learned the score in the late 1970s. By then the Democrats had become what they are close to being today. They strung together a bunch of pressure groups and told them what they wanted to hear. Walter Mondale did that in 1984, and got his head handed to him in the election, but times were changing.

Now, of course, the Democrats are socialists. In order to get more pressure groups, they have to throw some of their old supporters under the bus. Of late that has been biological female athletes in favor of transsexual males. Today the Democrats mostly care about illegal aliens and then gays and transsexuals. Everybody else can keep supporting them … if you are dumb enough not to see the light.

Thanks for sharing this! Both my parents were democrats, but I can assure you that the current iteration(s) and their shenanigans would not fly with them, if they were alive. (Great Depression survivors)

Yes, my parents very much had the “Depression mentality.” They were constantly concerned that the next depression was in the wings.

My mother was raised Republican. My grandfather was a Republican state senator and distributed the money for the party on a local basis. My mother remembered going to a neighboring town where my grandfather met Warren G. Harding when he was running for President in 1920. She pointed the house out to me one day where my grandfather shook hands with him.

I collect political items, so this might be of interest.

When they got married, she accepted his religion, and he took her politics. Years later, my father let the cat out of the bag that he had voted for Stevenson in 1956 because “Ike was a do-nothing and was no good.” After that, the Democrats ruled in the house because of the alleged conduct of that Republican Senator.

If my father would alive today, he was be as happy as a pig in manure. Joe Biden was the world’s greatest Senator. My father carried signs for him during his campaigns.

Bill Clinton was also a great President. My father told me that all the stuff about Monica Lewinski was “all made up.” It was something “the Republican press had made up because the Republicans controlled the newspapers.”

My father supported Jimmy Carter in 1980, of course, because “Jimmy Carter was a good Christian” and “old man Reagan was stupid and senile.” Needless to say, when it come to politics my father and I did not see eye to eye.

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Interesting. I, being an Independent since 1967, find politics in general about as interesting as binging “Dr. Pimple Popper …”

My mother was a bit of everything eclectic but overall a democrat, my father a rank and file democrat anything Chris Matthews said was cannon. Both came of age in the early 70s. My mom went to Ann Arbor and became a Pharmacist like her father, she appreciated the woman’s equality movement. My father sadly was a man of great indulgence wanted the marijuana moment to happen, and he’s still not happy. My mother left my father at the urging of her father who aside from being a pharmacist was a baptist preacher, he saw the drugging, and motorcycle metal antics and saw it unfitting for her in 1993 we moved in with her exclusively. He slipped into heroin use I have a thing against narcotics as it broke my family apart. In my younger years I was more of a Green Party member, progress couldn’t go too far too fast. I was a starry eyed college student, but I was no teachers pet, no matter my grades I wouldn’t go anywhere without the department head backing me which he didn’t. I found Jesus Christ in 2010 and married a good honest woman, and it greatly moderated and changed my social views. Human dignity became the core of my thought. We’re all made in the image of God, does not the human condition deserve dignity, autonomy, and respect? I believe all men while they are created equal over time they will chose a path that leads to inequality. It just hurts when a man follows a good path and has so much debt and uncertainty as I do. We had our first and so far only son in 2018, he seems a good soul colorful, respectful and introspective. I grew up quiet angry had a few run ins with the law in my teens spent 2 years in boot camp. I was so passionate my fists did the talking when my mouth should have. I greatly regret those years 2002-2010.

WWAS: : what would allah say

That an infidel changes it’s (whatever), qualifies for a free flying lesson from a rooftop?