"It's Not the Crime, it's the Culture"


David Brooks actually making a decent point for once.

[LEFT]The Clinton people thought the Whitewater investigation might last six months, but the inquiries lasted over seven years. The Trump investigation will lead in directions nobody can now anticipate. When the Whitewater investigation started, Monica Lewinsky was an unknown college student and nobody had any clue that an investigation into an Arkansas land deal would turn into an investigation about sex…

If anything, the Trump investigation will probably be more devastating than the Whitewater scandals. The Clinton team was a few shady characters surrounded by a large group of super-competent straight arrows. The Trump administration is shady characters through and through. Clinton himself was a savvy operator. Trump is a rage-prone obsessive who will be consumed by this.[/LEFT]


Nonsense…yet again! The Clinton team was made up entirely of “shady characters”…or those with no character whatsoever. There’s no comparison between it and the Trump team…every last one of whom is immune to being “bought off” by those wanting to destroy the country.


J, if your understanding of the Clintons and trump were converted into gasoline it would not drive a pizz ants motor scooter around it’s ant hill…