It's Time To Move ON - IMHO

There are at least two points I made repeatedly over the past months regarding the election that I think were irrefutably accurate:

First, in an election system - if fraud is possible, it will occur. The only question is, to what extent will it occur.

Second - and I made this observation at least 4 years ago on this site - the Left has been in near complete control of our education system (certainly at the university level and more recently lower education levels) for at least 4 decades. Demonstrably, the Left has controlled most media outlets for at least the last two decades. In short, the Left has largely dictated the content and tone of our basic communication outlets.

Based on the two observations noted above, I predicted that at some point the majority of the American electorate would “cross the Rubicon” - that foundational values and institutions would, over time be diluted and new ones espoused for decades by the Left, would become widely accepted.

With respect to election fraud in this election - most certainly it occurred, but thus far the Trump Team has over-promised and under achieved with respect to uncovering that which would have changed the outcome. It is beginning to appear obvious to me that we are nearing the point when it is time to move on and concentrate on the Georgia Senate races

One final point - nationally (yes, I know national vote count does NOT elect the POTUS) Trump received over 6 million fewer votes than Biden - Biden who has never done shit, whose mental acuity is failing and who campaigned from his basement while receiving protection and cover from Trump-hating media, outpointed Trump by 6 million votes. If you don’t think our propaganda outlets - education/media - haven’t had a dramatic impact on our values over the past several decades - you might want to reconsider.

IMHO, the electorate has Crossed The Rubicon, and should Georgia go full Democrat in the two Senate races there, it’s possible there is no bridge back. Elections have consequences.


I agree with everything you said, Mike. The election is over, and Trump’s legal team has over promised and under performed.

Georgia will be the last test. If the Democrats win there, with two radical left candidates in a state that was once reliably conservative, it’s over. The American people will have decided that they want the socialist system despite the fact that most of them don’t know what it is. They think that they will get a lot of free stuff, the “undeserving rich” will get screwed and racism will end. Aside from screwing the rich, who are no politically connected, none of the other outcomes will result.

The only thing that can turn this around is if most of the American people get screwed by the government, which could easily happen. People like the Clintons and the Bidens will skim as much for themselves as they can. Internationally “the great reset” will make people like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros even wealthier.

Chances are, when the people do wake up, it will too late because they will be living under a police state. That how socialism works, and those who fail to study the history will have to live with it.

Elections absolutely do not have consequences, at this point I would think that is obvious; the winners are determined by who runs the election precincts and thus far they have the full support of the judiciary.

What is the evidence that the Trump team has failed to deliver? What have they failed to prove? What claim have they made that anyone has even TRIED to refute?

Sydney Powell has not yet presented a case in any court, only the Guiliani/Ellis team has stood before a judge and presented evidence; what piece was refuted or what argument was answered?

I will answer my own question, not one single piece of evidence that was presented was nullified or even had anyone TRY to nullify it.

Unvalidated ballots counted by the 10’s of thousands= FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Election officials refusing access to election observers=FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Certain precincts given permission to “heal” ballots and the rest told to discard illegal ballots=FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Number of votes recorded in several precints exceeded number of registered voters=FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Ballots sent out without a signed and verified request= FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Counting continued after claiming they were stopping for the night and sending everyone home=FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Eyewitness testimony of unfolded ballots being brought in after hours and the same stacks being run through the machines multiple times=FACT NOT CHALLENGED.
Thousands of dead people voting via mail-in ballots=FACT NOT CHALLENGED.

That is the evidence that was produced, not one single challenge was mounted to any of it by that bloviating criminal judge or Toomey for that matter; these PROVEN facts represent far more than what is needed to give Michigan to Trump.

You can read the criminals judgement for yourself, see if you can find a single legal argument against any of the evidence presented by the Trump team.

They commit these crimes because they expect Conservatives to ignore the substance and condemn their own side; which we do regularly.


If only that were true

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As a teacher for over 25 years and a principal for 7 years, I can tell you without a doubt that the left-wing marxist ideology has permeated our public schools for over 50 years–probably longer. I saw first-hand the curricula imposed on children from many years ago, including the whole “My Friend has two Daddies” series. If you doubt this, ask your grandchild, nephew, niece what they know about Christopher Columbus. We are in a war, folks. And the enemy is winning.


Is it marxist to think imperialism/colonialism is wrong?

I’ve gotta say, I love it when people Jihad against reality. Christopher a hero apparently. Saying otherwise is treason. Change my mind.

Actually, Send, I don’t believe the American People have decided anything of the sort. We’ve been manipulated openly by the media and the Democrats have openly cheated us all out of having a free and fair election, and continue to do so. Unfortunately, both the media–including Google, Facebook and Twitter–and Academia have succeeded and likely will continue to succeed unless Congress acts fast and with a Democrat majority in both Houses AND the White House, that’s unlikely in the extreme.

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Nobody with a functioning brain cell denies it any longer, Patooka.

I agree completely. People with a functioning brain cell believe the Left is in control of education.

It is wrong to accuse the U.S. of either, Gene. We’ve fought wars all over the world and the only land we’ve “colonized” is numberless 6’ plots in which to bury our dead soldiers. Yes, we still have “territories”–almost unanimously with the enthusiastic approval of their citizens. We’ve offered Puerto Rico independence numerous times and the people of Puerto Rico have repeatedly voted to maintain their status as is. Over several decades we made the same offer to the Philippines and they finally agreed to independence in the 70’s and some Filippinos are regretting that decision even today.

And people WITHOUT a single, functioning brain cell deny it.

What a coherent counter argument.

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It is to a significant degree. Thus, all the rivisionist history. It’s legion.

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Don’t forget the entirety of the U.S. itself was stolen by colonists…

Not to mention all the client state regimes we’ve installed in south america and have been attempting in the middle east.

You can’t steal something that’s not owned. Did the Indians claim land ownership? I think the concept was much different then. They were somewhat nomadic. And the Indian population across the entire current US at it’s zenith was less than the population of a large city today.

Pre-columbus, it is estimated that their population was about 60 million in North America.

I guess that makes genocide cool then?

You just jumped topics. But in any case, we weren’t there.

If you did a little independent study instead of swallowing all of the propaganda they teach you college, you would have a better perspective.

Having collected many coins from the Imperial Roman and the British monarchy from Alfred the Great to the present, I have learned there were very few people with white hats in the ancient and medieval periods.

Alfred the Great was actually one of the guys with the white hat, but he was no saint. He had to defend his country from constant invasions. In the meantime, he pushed Christian values and universal education.

If you were in a leadership opposition, you either defended yourself, took the other guys property (Who was often after your property.) or ended up dead. The phrase, “get medieval on your ass” doesn’t come from nothing.

Was Columbus a bastard? Sure, but he was no bigger bastard than a lot of other people. Ever hear of Cortez and Pizzaro, the two most famous of the Spanish conquistadors? They were worse than Columbus in my book, but nobody admires them today. That’s why Columbus is on the sh*t list for you college students. It’s part of the plan to tear down western civilization and replace it with whatever the professors are thinking these days.


Every war in human history has boiled down to, “I’m taking your house and my god, or gods, say it’s OK.” More often than not, so-called “academics” choose to attribute to Columbus the sins of Cortez and Pizzaro…erroneously, in my not so humble opinion. Columbus issued edicts PROHIBITING his men from cruelty towards Caribbean natives and administering severe punishments for doing so.

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