It's Time To Move ON - IMHO

When have you ever offered an argument, coherent or otherwise?

That is a serious question, I cannot think of any time that you have offered anything but bomb drops that fall apart under scrutiny; have you ever engaged in an argument or even formulated one?

Cortez destroyed a civilization practicing wholesale human sacrifice and brought Mexico to Christianity. Nobody’s perfect but in his case I believe the good outweighs the bad.

I missed the part where the colonials committed genocide.

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Not sure of your point. Can you clarify?

Patooka: With all due respect, the left–the FAR left extremist have been in control of public education in this country since the turn of the centure–that is, 1900, not 2000. I would recommend highly that you check out some of Dr. Thomas Sowell’s books on education in this country. Brilliant mind, marvelous understanding of the system of educating the public. There are many, many more scholars who have written books and discourses on the history and problem with public education beginning around the turn of the 20th century. The fact that you don’t seem to believe this is the situation with public schools shows that it is.Formulating a scholarly argument is not just arguing a point with another person. Professional arguments: Scholars create academic arguments based on evidence within research articles or other scholarly sources rather than assumptions and opinions about a topic. This is called “scholarly persuasion”. (Walden University writing)

Not just college students. My sister is a first grade teacher. Just recently she and I got into a discussion about Columbus and she went on a rant about him being a racist, etc., etc. I couldn’t believe that she actually believed all that stuff. She’s a teacher. Where do you think her students will be on the topic of Columbus 15 years from now?

You’d mentioned marxist ideals and then followed up with the Columbus example. This seems like a non-sequitor to me.

Nope. What sort of folks do you think are intent on destroying Americans’ faith in and admiration for our history?

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This is the left’s prime goal. Just like the Nazis who burned books they didn’t like, the left is out to destroy our past and replace it with their reality. This is why they spend so much time tearing down statures. They want everyone, but especially the young to have no knowledge of the past.

In the left’s world, there are no heroes other than the people like Marx, Che and Castro who are the people they admire.

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Why would you want admiration for history? That’s exactly the problem, we’re not being taught history currently, we’re being taught a prettied up patriotic history to instill admiration and love of country.

If you please, name one country whose history is more admirable than the United States?


Democrats think every nation has a more admirable history than we do, they hate this country and everyone who wants to preserve its Constitution and the rugged individualism that those Liberties inspire.

Trumps greatest achievement has been getting the Left and their media to admit that openly :+1:


Again, why would I want to “admire” any country’s history? The concept is foreign to me.

You wouldn’t, only those without an entitlement attitude would admire those who sacrificed everything to establish a better world for those who would come later.

Your Party doesn’t have any of those, you guys take from others and couldn’t care less what horrors you leave behind for others to deal with in the future :wink:


That only proves that you get all of your values from left wing sources that can only refer to “fairness” which is whatever you define it to be. It is a very fluid concept for you. It all depends upon what the left wing news media and Democrat politicians tells you to support.

Arguably the more respectful thing is to acknowledge the good and the bad rather than paint them as heroes they weren’t. If you’re going to root history in admiration and make every figure a legend, you might as well start pretending all the founders were literally Superman.

Need I remind anyone, it wasn’t purely to rewrite history into anything that the Nazis burned books, they wanted to implant a nationalistic patriotic history.

Because you can’t.

What’s the value in it?

Perhaps you’ll begin to appreciate your luck in being born in America.


The only Nazis burning books, rewriting history and censoring the truth in this country are members of your party and ideology, this countries history inspires patriotism without any need for propaganda.

The fact that your Socialist Party hates this country is proof beyond doubt that the real story inspires a complete rejection of the things that you wish to force upon this country today.