Ivana Trump: Bernie’s a communist — and I would know!


Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, voted for the mogul in Florida and blasted his Republican rival Marco Rubio as a “silly boy.”
She told Page Six, after casting her vote in the primary Tuesday, “All of my friends are voting for him. I think Donald is going to win. I cannot see Rubio — he’s too young and inexperienced and just a silly boy. [Ted] Cruz, I don’t get it. And [Bernie] Sanders is a communist. I was born in a communist country, so I know when I see them or hear them. Hillary [Clinton] just lies a lot. Donald is very optimistic, and I think he will be a great president, and not because I’m his ex-wife. He will run this country as a business, and we need someone who will be able to make a decision. If he doesn’t win, he’ll go build another skyscraper. He has nothing to lose.”
Ivana thinks The Donald’s current wife, Melania, will be a terrific first lady — “She can speak and she understands. She’s more quiet than others are, but she’s going to be good.”

Ivana Trump: Bernie’s a communist — and I would know! | Page Six

For a long time I have noticed that some people think communism is good and why it fails it has never been done right. Well the evidence is otherwise and nations that have embraced it have gone through terrible times and several are doing so at the moment.

It seems these people who push for communism never want to hear from those who have lived under it so they blissfully march on calling it not communism but socialism which ends up as full blown communism.

Ivana states she knows where Sanders is coming from and she does not like it . Sanders is reportedly $65,000 in debt in spite of a salary of $174,000 a year for a body that meets only occasionally.


I had this discussion with someone recently. The old Communist definition was “state controls/owns the means of production”. The definition has to be altered due to changing dynamics and methods of ownership.

So in Ontario, and in Canada in general we have a great deal of state ownership, which I had produced on here before. From banks to alcohol distribution, media outlets (CBC), telecommunication etc. Some of this is outright ownership and a monopoly, other methods are control in which you cannot enter the market without excessive regulatory adherence, which is really just an artificial barrier to prevent competition. If Americans realized how much ownership exists and how some entire sectors have little to no competition, it would startle you.

What’s most important though, is the current manifesto which include control of and mismanagement of tax revenue. So, when a government purposely and willfully mismanages citizens capital which they are given, it is a form of communism, but without the “community” aspect. So, you give someone your money only to see it redistributed in failed ventures and outright theft in many cases. In Ontario this includes failed windmill sources of revenue which taxpayers sponsored, gas plant closures which costs Ontario billions, an “e-health” inititative that cost over a billion dollars without anything to show for it. There were consultants paid extraordinary amounts for their services, some who were friends, friends of family of those in government. No private company would have paid such an abhorrent amount, and they certainly would have had multiple bids and much greater cost sensitivity. You can google the multiple scandals that have been a blight on Ontarios future.

Take it a step further in Canada, and those who are supposed to enforce laws against these abuses are “on the take” in the form of protecting the hands that feed them, rather then the law of the land, as the OPP did last election. This means much greater risk to Canadian security and those of our allies. the RCMP recently charged $900,000 in OT to charge two people, who had mental problems and were obviously goaded, entrapped and enabled. It has been such an unreliable case that the FBI had been working joint in this operation, but have not stated much at all about the case (my guess is their opinion that this case was disturbingly “manufactured” by the Canadian police), while the RCMP have trumpeted this case in the media, with great skepticism from the public thankfully.

In short; without a doubt, todays “socialist”, will inevitably, if not, directly operate the system as a Communist would. They won’t see it this way but they cannot logically explain how the system could succeed without the “invisible hand” and free market concepts. The free market and drive to innovate has been what has driven Americas success. Anyone who doesn’t at least acknowledge this century of creativity on the part of America which has created the great economic, military and political super power, hasn’t read a history book. Those who use the word “free _______”, have little understanding of what they are stating.


The key tenet in post cold war communism is GODLESS. Communism will not sustain itself as long as there is a God in the peoples mind. The Govt in order to keep control has to shift the view of the people from God and self-sufficiency. Meaning that as long as the people see the leader and the govt as God and the giver of rights then communism can flourish. Of course this also means a strong welfare system, housing, food, medical-care etc.

Today communism embraces capitalism.