Ivanka Trump goes on FoxNews to promote the Republican socialist income tax plan


I saw Ivanka on Fox News this morning promoting the communist/socialist/progressive income tax plan cooked up by the Republican Leadership in the House and Senate.

It’s amazing that a family who has pledged to drain the swamp, is now embracing the very tool, the communist inspired income tax, which gives swamp creatures the power to do their evil.


Are we really ok with 45 percent of our nation’s population who pay no taxes on incomes being allowed to vote for representatives who spend federal revenue which the remaining 55 percent of our nation’s hard working and productive population has contributed into our federal treasury via taxes on incomes when our Constitution requires Representatives and direct taxes Shall be apportioned among the Several States?


This same kind of “tax reform” has happened a number of times during my life time, the last time being under President Reagan. When the Washington Sewer Rats realize the American People are getting sick and tired of the corrupt taxing “code” and how it is destroying America from within, our Congress critters back off with an illusion of “tax reform” which cleverly keeps the notoriously evil income tax alive and available to Congress to slowly re-create the same miseries which aroused the people into wanting “tax reform” in the first place.

How many freaken times must dim wits in America go through the same kabuki dance under tax reform to realize the problem is the freaken income tax which Congress uses to carry out its evil doings generation after generation?

When will the American people realize that repeating the same action over and over [tax reform which keeps the income tax alive] will never yield a different result?

The worm at the root of the rotten tree is in fact our nation’s love affair with the communist, socialist, progressive inspired incometax.


The unavoidable truth is, the social democrats’ plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing the paychecks of millions of college graduates who worked their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.


Do you have an article and a snippet where she said this?


Said what? What I wrote indicated she was on Fox News promoting what the Republican House and Senate Leadership cooked up.



We are anxiously waiting for you … over here!


Huh? Are you denying the Republican tax reform keeps alive the socialist/communist/progressive income tax alive?



It took us over 100 YEARS to reach this situation. It’s NOT going to be corrected in one…or even 10 years more. But a reduction in RATES is a good start.


To sum up my thoughts, something I posted on my congressman’s facebook page in response to some libs who opposed the tax cut plan:

I sure hope that none of these smartypants (edited for our site) liberals work for any of the companies who immediately announced bonuses and pay raises for their employees upon the announcement of the bill proceeding to President Donald J. Trump’s desk. You know, the person we elected that is not a criminal politician who uses their elected or appointed office for personal monetary gain? It would present quite the conundrum if they did. Such a moral quagmire to deal with. I’m sure that all of these people who oppose my family keeping more of my earnings will elect to pay the extra dollars in their bank accounts back to the government, since the tax cut was so stupid. I’m sure they’ll not accept a raise or bonus at work. I’m sure they’ll turn down any promotions due to companies being able to grow again. I’m sure they won’t reinvest into the economy those extra dollars, because the government needs it more. Actually, we all know what they’ll do. They’ll take it, not learn a damned thing, and continue to spew idiocy like a bad case of verbal diarrhea.


Trump’s tax plan will help, but does not end the cause of our tax sufferings

I could be very cynical and say, ever since the communist/socialist/progressive 16th Amendment was adopted, it seems that every 20 to 25 years or so tax “reform” becomes a very real issue because the people begin to realize how oppressive, discriminatory and screwed up the federal income tax system has become. And it becomes so messed up because our scheming Congress critters over this span of years, has used the system to sell discriminatory tax breaks in return for political campaign contribution; has used the system to reward friends and feather their own nests, not to mention how Congress uses “income taxation” to buy the votes of our nations hard working wage earners by promising to increase special exemptions and to lower a tax on their earn wages which ought never have been taxed from the beginning!

This somewhat summarizes the repeated cycle since the adoption of the notoriously evil “income tax” and especially the direct un-apportioned tax on working peoples earned wages which began under the unconstitutional, rope-a-dope “Temporary Victory Tax” of 1943 ___ an alleged temporary direct tax on working people’s earned wages to fund the war effort. And this “Temporary Tax” completed Congress’ lust for a totalitarian tax system designed by communists, socialists, and progressives which is now used to subvert our founders’ intended free market system and is used by our Washington Swamp creatures to not only manipulate our economy, but also used for a number of nefarious purposes.

And what did one of our forefathers say with regard to an unbridled direct tax? See Representative Williams during a debate on Direct Taxes on January 18th, 1797

"History, Mr. Williams said, informed them of the annihilation of nations by means of direct taxation. He referred gentlemen to the situation of the Roman Empire in its innocence, and asked them whether they had any direct taxes? No. Indirect taxes and taxes upon luxuries and spices from the Indies were their sources of revenue; but, as soon as they changed their system to direct taxation, it operated to their ruin; their children were sold as slaves, and the Empire fell from its splendor. Shall we then follow this system? He trusted not."

There is no question in my mind that the tax plan which Trump has signed will help improve the economy and provide much needed tax relief. But as I have said before, the worm at the root of the rotted tree is in fact the communist, socialist, progressive tax calculated from profits, gains, tips, wages and other lawfully earned incomes, a system of taxation which not only allows Congress to engage in activities destructive to our nation’s common defense and general welfare, but actually encourages and entices members of Congress to use the system for their personal political gains. Must we go through the same misery every 20 or 30 years without identifying the cause of our sufferings?

Is it not time to discuss the merits, wisdom and brilliance of returning to our founder’s original tax plan which can be accomplished by adopting the Fair Share Balanced Budget Amendment ___ a tax plan designed by our Founders to control and regulate Congress actions?


“……with all these blessings, what more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people?Still one thing more, fellow-citizens—a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities“. Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address


Sounds like the tl;dr is “The good is still the enemy of the perfect”.


I have no idea what you mean with that post.