I've been saying this for a while

If you die from being run over, these days it means you died from covid. In fact no matter how you die, :grimacing:

I’m not sure, but I think? hospitals tally everything up as covid related because they get more money? of course democrats blame everything on covid (second to trump; we are still dealing with civil war fallout on how trump didn’t do enough to convince Lincoln of something IDK)

The vaccine mandate is dying at the Supremes were done trying to save those who don’t want to be saved. Our governor was in hot water cause she said something like let the unvaccinated die. That’s the mentality we have, the most important decision makers in the party. The fact that omicron is 16x worse in non vaccinated folks is just fine with us. In fact my cousin works in healthcare she had to get the shot her husband is rabbid antivaxxer and he freaked out and was going on about it being the number of the beast and bill gates and population control. Right and she just said well I work in healthcare but honestly she wanted it. Now they all got covid including my cousin Hillary who is like triple vaccinated shes up walking around taking care of her man who can’t get out of bed. So that was his choice ya know, he can’t move having trouble breathing hospital is full ambulance won’t take him and she has medical under her to help him. Now my aunt had constant exposure to both of them and she hasn’t gotten sick. She says with the vaccine it’s like a regular flu without it it looks like someone about ready to die. Again its your choice the supremes will shoot it down then what are you gonna whine about?