I've Changed. (Americarnage.)

Several years ago, I joined this site as a relatively hard-line, right-wing fundamentalist named Americarnage. (I have no way to prove this to you, as I haven’t posted here in four years and have no idea what my password is, but I assure you that I am he.) During that time, I said a large number of things that I now regret, and I also supported a number of candidates who I now regret. In both regards, I can speak only for myself when I say the following:

I am not the same person I was back then.

My comments on the subject of race, for example, were an abomination. We’re a better country then we were in times before–by a lot. That positive change has been driven for centuries by the movements for Black equality and rights, the Martin Luther Kings of the world who encouraged us to live up to our stated national creed, even when we didn’t. Even the Angelas Davis of the world, for all their excesses, represented very real frustrations concerning the very real sins of the United States. I’m sorry that I dismissed their contentions and internalized the misguided – racist, even – rhetoric of their detractors. And I am sorry that I lied on this very platform about the nature of the Black Lives Matter movement, a broad and complicated coalition that

I am also sorry for the things I said about abortion and LGBTQ rights. Abortion is many things, a complicated issue that concerns whether or not we as a society will welcome another human being into the world. I trafficked in violent, extremist rhetoric concerning that most existential and nuanced of agonies, trampling underfoot the plight of those at its center, including the children themselves. Their mothers are real people, who have to make real decisions in real life, and nothing that I said was just or right. Ditto for the healthcare providers, who do indeed provide services beyond abortion and ensure the health of women across the country.

To the LGBTQ community, to immigrants, and to Muslims, I reserve my greatest apology. No words can capture my shame or regret at the bigoted insults, broadsides, and threats that I lobbed in your direction. There’s no excuse – political, religious, or otherwise – for the things I said to you. I was wrong. I am sorry. Nothing I write here could ever be deemed worthy of your forgiveness, but I am asking for it nonetheless.

I also apologize to the politicians in whose slander I participated, people such as President Obama and the various moderate Republicans who now find themselves at the edge of their party. I’m sorry. And I apologize to everyone who was harmed by Trump’s actions, during the campaign and in office. He was, indeed, a tribune of prejudice and nativism, the kind of person I supported before I encountered the Lord Jesus Christ in a real, meaningful way. Not everyone who voted for him did so out of rank bigotry, but by August 2017 it was clear that rank bigotry had won the day inside his administration. If I’d known in November of 2016 what we all know now, that which we have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears, I would have backed his opponent without hesitation.

My relationship with Christ, with His people, and with those He commanded me to serve, changed who I am, and I can no longer allow the way I talked about those same people – both here and elsewhere – to persist unchallenged. I can no longer allow the things I said here to fester like toxic waste.

If at all possible, I’d thank the moderators and administrators to remove my previous account, and the communications stored there. If not, I ask that they adorn all of my previous posts here with a link to this message, a note that I’m not who I was.

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Excellent! Welcome and God Bless you!

You’ve been duped. President Trump is the greatest president we’ve had in modern times. He’s never said he’s a Christian, but you sure can’t tell he’s not by his actions.

He’s not racist. Democrats, especially those in the all-hatred-all-the-time agitprop fake news, live to lie about him. He said there are criminals illegally crossing the border from Mexico (clearly true), so they accused him of saying all Mexicans are criminals. He never said that! Have you been duped about that?

When he visited Mexico, he brought along with him some red ball caps embossed with Make Mexico Great Again and gave them to them. He explained that it’s the Mexican government’s job to put Mexico first just as it’s his job as the American president to put America first. There’s nothing remotely bad or unchristian about that.

It’s very sad that this has to be explained. It indicates how thoroughly effective the fascist news media has been in pumping the people full of hate.

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Any leader who does not look out for the best interests of the people of his country is a fool. That’s why Biden is on the path to becoming the worst U.S. president in history

The left has this idea that forcing socialism on the world and tearing down all national borders will bring utopia. It won’t. It will simply put bullies like Putin, Communist China and Iran in charge. Every one of those countries are led by extreme nationalists, and they are only interested in extending the influence of their nations supported by their ideology.

Every country looks out for it’s own interests. Once you learn that lesson, you will be prepared to look for fruitful cooperation.

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yeah. i can see this workin’ right now.

Christians are not to compromise with evil.

Perhaps that’s true if you stop reading after the old testament.

Luke 6:31-38

“And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. “If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who do good to you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. And if you lend to those from whom you expect to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to get back the same amount. But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.

I can love my enemies without allowing them to destroy my life.


Being kind is not always synonymous with being stupid. Politicians don’t believe this

@Gene’s Biblical quote reminds me of the Gershwin song from “Porgy and Bess,” “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” If you take everything in the Bible literally, you could end up broke and dead.

I don’t think that the scholars who wrote the King James version of the Bible were socialists.

Since I wrote this post nearly two weeks ago, there have been a handful of replies. To everyone, who wrote anything in this space: Thank you. Thank you for your input, thank you for your counsel, and thank you for caring enough - about me, or America, or the Lord, or maybe all of the above - to drop a note. In the replies to the original post (OP), I noticed a lot of understandable pushback. This is a conservative message board, populated by people who hold conservative beliefs. This post is meaningless if it fails to inspire some dialogue between us. So, I wanted to clarify some of my original contentions and raise a handful of questions that would make the responses a little more clear.

  1. I don’t know if the former president himself holds racist views. In our briefest of interactions, it would have been impossible to know what was in his heart. The same goes for most of the Tea Party activists, and Republican congressional staffers, and frankly the politicians themselves. While some of them may have expressed blatantly bigoted sentiments, most - the vast majority - have not, and the best policy is to take them for who they say they are, because no human has the right to judge the heart of another. If I gave off the impression that I thought Trump himself was racist in any way, I say now that it was not my intent to do so. I really don’t know.

  2. Having said that, Trump’s statements on the campaign trail resonated with millions upon millions of people, and some of them certainly held racist views. In South Carolina, for example, before Trump’s base began to merge with the GOP writ large, some (around 1/5) of the former president’s voters volunteered all kinds of fringe views, including the notion that the Emancipation Proclamation was a mistake. That’s not a small matter, seeing as though the Civil War and its associated initiatives are arguably the Party’s proudest achievements. On the campaign trail, Trump cited erroneous statistics about Black-on-white crime, caricatured the neighborhoods populated by Black people as “war zones,” and employed a… bizarre choice of words to describe one of his Black supporters. After his election, Trump inspired a resurgence of white supremacist groups and failed to wield his administration against them with the vigor of his predecessors, men from both parties who saw the threat that racial hierarchy posed to the American experiment. (I mean, can you seriously imagine the Charlottesville riots occurring under Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich?)

I’d love to discuss Trump’s impact on the story arc of fringe racist groups, of course, but there are one or two people whose concerns I would like to address most directly.

@Sendgop, you’re right to point out that other nations - nations like Russia and China - are preparing themselves to usurp America on the world stage.( In the tech space, China arguably has done so.) It gives me a great deal of pause to see out-and-out dictatorial thugs like Putin - and more importantly, Xi - flexing their financial, technological, and military muscle on the world stage. But this isn’t something that has happened overnight. The CCP has methodically put itself in position to take advantage of America’s isolationist angst by turning foreign nations into dependent states. In Sri Lanka and Africa, for example, China convinced numerous parliaments to turn their backs on Taiwan by building massive infrastructure that put those countries in debt. In the Middle East, Russia has elbowed its way into the region by filling a power vacuum that opened up, after America caved to libertarian folklore and withdrew its support from various rebuilding projects and pro-democracy fighting forces.

But I would pose a pair of questions to you.

In 2019, over a roar of objection from both parties, the US government ditched the Kurds and exposed them to an utter and complete massacre at the hands of the Taliban. One man stepped in to stave off this annihilation, and peel Kurdish loyalties away from the United States: Vladimir Putin. If the US assists the Kurds, or even advocates the establishment of a Kurdistan, Putin doesn’t get that opportunity. Whose fault, alone, is that? Whose fault is it that a hyper-isolationist betrayal opened the door for a foreign foe?

Also in 2019, a certain President received a proposal to allow more African immigrants into the United States. Denouncing these nations as “[expletive]-hole countries” and demanding we take in more immigrants from… (checks notes) Norway, said President slammed the door on a golden opportunity to expand America’s ties to the African nations in a more legitimate fashion than that for which we are known.

You might object to Biden’s policies overseas, his moves to tie American influence more closely with Europe in the name of international democracy. Fair enough. But Trump’s flippant, ignorant, and impulsive leadership style did more to shrink America’s standing in the world than to increase it. No offense.

I’m very pleased to know this.

Is that credible? I’ve never heard any such thing. That seems to imply there are people who believe blacks should still be slaves today. Is that what it means? Really? Why would anyone today think there should be slaves of any origin? Just from a pure economic and practical standpoint, a skilled farmer on a tractor can plow, plant and harvest much more effectively from his air-conditioned cab than a group of slaves could.

Also, think of our founding documents. As many of our founding fathers pointed out at the time, slavery was never consistent with a free country. It was a compromise from the start to get southern colonies to join the union. Slavery is extremely impractical in a modern country even if ethics didn’t make it a total nonstarter.

Criticizing the Emancipation Proclamation sounds like something an immature rebel rouser would do just to be provocative. There are some of those, but surely they’d feel more at home in the Democrat Party. President Trump never said anything at all to give them any comfort. (Did you actually listen to his words?) But Biden used to cavort with a colleague that Democrats revered who had been an officer in the KKK, Senator Byrd.

He did not. That’s what the all-hatred-all-the-time agitprop fake news channels lied about him. They passionately hated him and didn’t mind lying all day every day about him to the exclusion of reporting any real news at all.

A case in point that highlights that is the Mueller investigation. For three years, starting from well before the election, they constantly said he was a Russian agent and there was proof! Democrat Schiff routinely was a guest on Democrat shows lying about that. But after two years with 19 Democrat legal eagles scouring every communique and document they could find (with NO obstruction from the administration), they found only fake news speculation. No evidence. They lied. They lied about everything.

Have you noticed that riots only happen in Democrat controlled cities? Why is that? Charlottesville has always been a big mystery to me. “Unite the Right”? In a leftest stronghold? Made no sense. I think it was two leftist armies squaring off against each other pretending to be conservative.

May God Bless President Trump and forgive our nation for allowing the wholesale fraud of 2020.

Many such areas are.

I have written before that there is a very good chance that I will not vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential primary because of the way he expresses himself. I agree with the vast majority of his policies but have trouble with his abrasive style. The problem is, that style is what got him elected and why he built such a following.

Many people are sick and tired of the far left setting the agenda in this country. Their policies have failed time after time and resulted in brutal dictatorships. Yet these far leftists, who either ignore history or have no knowledge of it, think that they can set up a one party state, with unlimited police power, combined with state run media and schools that teach propaganda instead of critical thinking, and end up with a good result. They are either delusional, or they are true Marxists or Fascists (There is really not much difference in the modern world.) who believe in dictatorships.

Trump’s “tough love” policy toward countries like Germany was correct. European countries have not paid their fair share in defending themselves against the old Soviet Union and now Putin for too long. Those countries have not been post World War II basket cases for many decades. It’s time for them to pay up.

As for Biden, it’s “old Mr. Softy” again, who will let them slip out of paying for their responsibilities. In addition Biden has given Putin money and power over those countries with his rotten pipeline policy with Russia. I’ll wager that the money his son, Hunter, got paid was in play. Most of the decision probably came from the puppeteers who control Biden. Biden is nothing but an old, confused man with dementia.

This is hog wash. Under Donald Trump Black and Hispanic unemployment was at its all time low prior to the pandemic. Wages were going up for those who were on the lowest income levels. Capitalism was working, and the far left hated it. That was why they spent all of their time with diversions, like the Russia collusion hoax.

As for the Emancipation Proclamation, if there are any harsh critics of it, it would be coming from the left. They love the quote, “The proclamation that was said to free everyone, but really freed no one.” That, of course, applies to the comparatively small number of leftists who know any American history. Most of them only know the lies they have been taught in the “woke school” curriculum.

Lincoln’s Civil War policies were an example of how a leader leads, not dictates. At the beginning of the war, a majority of Americans did not support emancipation. In the border states, Lincoln was desperate to stop the bleeding. If he had advocated emancipation, the way John C. Fremont (the first Republican presidential nominee) had in 1856, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri would have all joined the Confederate States of America. That would have made the Civil War far harder to win, or perhaps even unwinnable. The slaves would have remained in bondage until … some guessed until 1900.

Lincoln had a tough balancing act, and he succeeded in achieving it. People like Fredrick Douglas didn’t understand at first, but saw the light before the war was over.

If you want to see a very early example of current leftist thinking, check out the lyric in the song “Abie Baby” from the musical Hair from 1968 where they called Abraham Lincoln the “mother f-cking emancipator of the slaves.” There it was. Total contempt for American culture and values. That attitude rules the day now among the leftist youth.

And yes, our cities are become “war zones.” Did you see the clip this weekend when a couple was pulled from their car in Chicago at a Porto Rician Pride Day parade? The man tried to shield his wife and was shot in head execution style. The woman was critically wounded in the neck.

In New York City, a brazen gunman started shooting at a man in laying on the sidewalk with two young children very close by. How about the DA in Manhattan who is turning most of rioters lose who ripped up the city last summer? Or the law enforcement in San Francisco which lets shoplifters take up to $800 from stores? How about the way things turned out in “CHOP” in Seattle? It certainly wasn’t “The summer of love” the far left politicians said it would be.


That’s law of averages, not a indictment. Some background noise of racism is inventible, just because of human nature. No different than stealing or murder.

The “Charlottesville riots” had 100 far-right people vs over 1,000 counter-protestors. If that’s the high water point of what a “riot” from them looks like, how does that implicate “millions” of people with their views?

That looks like an assumption made on the basis of news coverage & exposure, not a count.

Right there, where does that count come from? And what counts as “Fringe”?

That depends. We get a tradeoff between Right and Left Administrations, whose interests we juggle, and Trump was serving a particular side.

He helped Israel, helped Japan, helped Poland, helped Saudi Arabia. He was supportive of Brexit, so that meant we gained popularity in the camp that supports Boris Johnson.

He was popular in the Philippines, Kenya, and India.

In terms of allies and foreign policy, S. Korea got a bit besmirched, but S. Korea has… confusing leadership and unclear objectives, so I don’t fault him there. The S. Korean’s people seem equally dissonant with their leadership, as they were pretty supportive of what Trump was doing, even though they didn’t report liking him.

He put the screws to NATO; that had consequences, but it was also necessary. Someone had to, the post-WWII “deal” needed adjustment. The Cold War is over, Russia is still a threat, but that threat is bore in different places, and in different ways than it was with the USSR.

Ergo, overall, Trump in foreign policy was a pretty good standard bearer of Republican objectives.

I fully agree he screwed over the Kurds, I criticized him at the time for it, but even that isn’t new. We’ve been screwing the Kurds for decades. It’s the fate of being a minor power; we put the priorities of others, like Turkey, before them.


What’s in his heart are the thoughts of a potato

I’ve got a couple questions if you don’t mind, @ThereIsARiver

Was there a specific event or person you met that started to change your mind? Overall was the learning gradual or sudden? Do you feel as if it’s still on-going?

Would you still self-describe as either conservative or Republican. Do you identify with the party and its leadership?

If someone converted to liberalism it was probably a touching session at drag queen story book hour

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My guess is @ThereIsARiver has started college.

Look, I get it. When I was in undergraduate school in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, I heard some very inspiring lectures. I would actually wish my parents could have been there to hear them, especially my mother who loved history.

From history, I learned how important freedom and democracy is. I thought that the course of history was flowing toward that goal. In my economics classes, I learned how economic freedom flowed toward the desired goals of greater prosperity and innovation. I had professors who were monetarists who admired Milton Friedman. I had one professor who was a liberal who taught Keynesian theory. All of them were great.

I also took a course on “The Planned Economies,” was a case history of the old Soviet Union. I learned how it worked with its five year plans, and why it didn’t work because of the mountain data that had to be collected and processed to get the right goods at the right place at the right time.

I left undergraduate school thinking that I was liberal. I was registered Democrat who worked in Democrat political campaigns. The leftist students and professors didn’t have much use for me however. To them, I was “a reactionary.”

When I turned 30, I started to learn the score. (Remember the comment, “Don’t trust anyone over 30?”) I started to the problems with top down economic planning. I had had a healthy disrespect for communism, even when I thought I was a liberal.

I left the Democrat Party at the end of the Carter administration. My first Republican vote was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Six months before then I would have never thought that I would have voted for him. The Walter Mondale campaign was really end of road for me. He bent over backwards for every left-wing pressure group there was. The Democrat Party left me; I did not leave it.

Now I see the left moving backwards. While they preach liberty and inclusion, their real message is big government and top-down control of the few over the many. They are no different from the kings and dictators I have studied for the last 40 years. My studies in the history of England, in connection with my coin hobby have taught me many things about the evils of having the few control the many.

Human rights, freedom and prosperity are encouraged when the people have the power and freedom to chart their own destiny. All of those things go away when the heavy-handed force of big government takes charge.

Previously I had thought that freedom and choices were the wave of the future. Now, with the current pack of leftists, I have serious doubts. We are headed for a dangerous period when much of the progress we have made since The United States was founded 245 years ago will be swept away in a tide of Marxist lies.

Marxism is an easy sell to those who are young and impressionable. It promises that everyone will live well and poverty and want will be erased if you just turn over your freedom to the government. The truth is the system is too unwieldy to manage if it were run by angels. Since it run by a small group of man and women, who usually are looking out for themselves, their families and the few insiders who support them, the results are always far more disappointing

The Clinton and Biden “crime families” are no accident. They are the natural result of the system they push on an naive public.