I've had a change of heart

You know I’ve been thinking about it and you guys are totally right


We must put an end to the USA. These economic policies will only destroy the world. F–K the USA. I’ve been enlightened and thank God… sorry, there is no god, I meant THANK FAUCI because now I can see clearly.

I’m a Trump convert now, and I think we should take every non white, non straight person and throw them across the California border wall that California will pay for. Trust me they’ll pay for it they won’t wanna be anywhere near my America. I think if people want healthcare they should have to fight for it so we make this super arena in Denver I’m gonna call it the Thunder Dome, no one else has ever thought of that name I’m looking at your Mel, I thought of it first. The sick people can fight to see a doctor and pay per view will cover it. Too many people looking for workers, nobody wants to work, get rid of the minimum wage, let them beg for 3 hots and a cot. I imagine an America pre 1920, with child labor, and the rickets. Screw vaccines lets bring back polio.

Naw get rid of the ten year testing period and shoot everyone up with every vax they can produce.