Jack Hectorman Has Gone To Be With The Lord.


Jack and I didn’t always see eye to eye, but he was a damn good man. A shame I didn’t get a chance to answer his last question to me before he passed. Wherever you are Jack, peace on mate.


I don’t know where he was from, but his real name is Jack Hectorman (without the second “n”). He explained that to us once.


I can’t imagine RO without Jack. But, I learned so much from him. He was always a gentleman to everyone. I will miss him terribly. He is surely with our Lord and having the time of his life. Please pray for us, Jack.

Thank you, Cindy, for bringing us the news and your dad’s wonderful thoughts. I will cherish them.

God bless you, Jack!


I am truly sorry for the loss of another wonderful person from this world and I regret the delay in my posting. Thank you for letting us know and my best goes out to all of Jack’s family and friends. RIP dear man, you will be sorely missed.


Wow. I never thought I could get this torn up about the passing of someone I never met in person. Jack was always so kind and patient with me; he was always willing to put me on track or help me out with a word of advice. Jack was really a great man.

Jack, you’re with the Lord now, in a better place than this, but nonetheless you will be missed.


It just shows what I said on another post about internet friends sometimes being more friends than “friends in the flesh”. There are a lot of people on RO whom I feel that way. Each day, I look forward to seeing what my RO friends have to say about things happening. And, I am grateful that some of them have let me into their lives. Jack was a wonderful friend here to many on RO. Now, he is with many more that he didn’t even know on earth. Hopefully, he and I will meet face to face one day.


You were one of my favorite people here.
I will miss you.


Ohhh. Jack was so kind to me.

Rest well, my friend.

Sad purrs,