Jack Hectormann

For those old members who knew him (he posted on RO frequently), Christmas time was high on Jack’s LIKE list (along with such things as shopping at WalMart).

Jack, GodBless’m, passed back in April of 2015.

Christmas makes me think of him.

Those of us that are closer to the end than the beginning will be following him shortly. Meeting Jack and talking with him again will be a kick.

Jack enjoyed the decorations, the music, the spirit, and everything that has to do with Christmas.

Let’s not any of us that knew him forget him.


I remember Jack at this time of the year as well, I read his farewell thread again a little while ago; here’s to the next journey Jack!


Thank you, Bobjam.

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Qix . . . glad you share the spirit.

Jack had a sense of humor that was frequently subtle and tongue-in-cheek. Not everyone “got it” though.

He was remarkably tolerant, and I don’t think harbored any ill will toward anyone. Although he did get angry now and then, he always took the long view and accepted everyone, and always had a kind word to say in the end.


I’ll always remember his references to the “Reverend Cactus Jack”…


Yes, that was one of many tongue-in-cheek addresses he used.

He had nicknames for a lot of posters, and if he wanted to stay at arms length from any particular poster, his nickname for that poster, in a PM to me, was:


Whenever he PM’d me about “HWMNBN’d”, I knew exactly who he was talking about.


I have often thought of Jack and when I do, I always say a little prayer for him. He was a great guy and a great thinker.


Jack was a one-off, that’s for sure.

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I miss Jack! It probably won’t be long, though, before I see him. Not that my health is particularly bad, but I’m old!

C’mon, Suzanna! You’re not old! But it is a comfort knowing that we will see all our loved ones and friends again and never have to separate again!

Er, she’s on the high side of eight decades; if that isn’t old, what is… But it doesn’t matter in the end; “when we’ve been there ten thousand years,” we’ll be as youthful as ever; forever!

Her age number isn’t important. She’s smart, quick, and can go head-to-head with anyone on this board. I know a lot of people who are in their 60’s and 70’s who don’t have those qualities. My dad used to tell me that once we get to Heaven we’ll all be 33 years old–the age when Jesus died. I hope that’s true because I was pretty cute at 33! :slight_smile:

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I know there are some people who believe that, but I can’t imagine it’s true. Everybody being the same age? I can’t buy it. I expect more variety than that in heaven. Now, Colton Burpo said, “Nobody’s old.” But he also talked about seeing children. And my great-niece Kathryn saw my daughter that I miscarried. She appeared to be about six years old (but she had never been born, even!). She also saw children of many different ages. And I think this is something everyone will like. Her little sister Qavah also experienced heaven, and she actually had a ride on a Black Lab that they once owned - and the dog talked to her.

Well, I guess we’ll find out once we’re there! Whatever age we’ll be, we will be blissfully happy and filled with the Lord’s joy!


Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That

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