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Do you know personally about all these things you are nattering on about? As I mentioned in another of your threads, Youtube certainly isn’t a reliable source. Anyone with the know-how can make a movie to “prove” what they want you to believe. BTW, I don’t watch youtube (slow dial-up). But I remember a couple of decades ago where there was “proof” that gas chambers being set up in specific places all over the country, a la Hitler. I also remember even longer ago (much longer) when some people were discussing the “New Constitution” that was going to go into effect in 1976 to make us officially a communist country.

There is enough well-known evidence that Obama is determined to take us down the tubes - we don’t need any “conspiracy theories” to complicate it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that many of these conspiracy theories are being made up on purpose to take our eyes off the real danger - which is right in front of our eyes.

Ca. 2000 there were “reports” of purported concentration camps Clinton had prepared for conservative opponents, including locations of the supposed camps. Usage of MapQuest was sufficient to debunk the claims. This looks to be yet another incarnation of this kind of conspiracy-theory-grade nonsense. Which is why this and the UN trucks threads had their “moving experience”.

Closed, due to terminal fruitcakery.

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It’s September folks! September 23rd is just a week away, and there are but two weeks left in September! Better stock up on tinfoil (that aluminum foil stuff just isn’t as effective!)!

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