Jade Helm Ends

Jade Helm is finished. Still waiting for whatever shoe was supposed to drop…

Yeah! Where’re all the “FEMA-CAMP” roundups? Where’s the “martial law?” Did anybody NOTICE anything at all different?

I didn’t know it had ever started. Oh, you mean the exercises? Not the practicing for citizen internment? OK, gotcha.:embarrese

So guys…Im still stuck in my FEMA camp. Good news I have internet bad news I have to listen to recorded lectures from the Glorious Leader,Kim Jong Un not Obama, that would be torture. We did have a guest speaker the other day, Good Ole Castro. Really misunderstood guy, very likable.


So now we’re waiting for the big earthquake that will split the US in half, that my neighbor urged me to be prepared for.

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I want the bigger half :devil:

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I think it’s going to crush you - it will probably be right down the Mississippi river.

The NYT has been feeding my head relentlessly. Can’t. Turn. Off.

AHHHHHH[/ this screaming head ache!

The September 23, 2015 Jade Helm Doomsday & Kiddie Karnival was yesterday, and I (Yaaaaawwwwn) missed it! I’m shattered … what’s next year’s doomsday? November 1/2, 2016?

Still waiting for the massive earthquake that is supposed to happen this month. Counting today, we’ve got a week left. And we haven’t stored up our supplies yet, either. My next grocery shopping trip is October 1.

I’ve been moved to a FEMA camp in Chicago. Nice weather so far. Jeb Bush stopped by yesterday to make sure we would vote for him twice in the upcoming election.


So, it’s really not too bad then… The food OK?

Probably good pizza.

Like Pete said good pizza. I supposed to be getting a check soon but 30% of that is going to fund Obamacare.


What happened? Or didn’t happen, I guess is the correct way to say it. September is over and there was no massive earthquake splitting the US in half. Bet our friend that told us about it never says a word about. Of course, he might say it was delayed. Like a guy I used to work with told us - in fact he had a book that I read - about “The Great Chastisement” (I think that’s what it’s called) that many Catholics believe in. He told us it was coming in 1997. When it didn’t come, he said it had been postponed for three years. Well, we weren’t working at the same place when the three years were up, so I don’t know what he thought about it then.


In my mind I have a picture of God scratching dates off His calendar every time some dude or dudette predicts a date for “the end of the world”. It’s silly and theologically incorrect, but not as silly and theologically incorrect as making such predictions.

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Well some good news. We ahve been released from the FEMA camps. Apparently there was not enough money to keep them going. Never got my FEMA check though…