Jamba, Inc. Plans Strategic Changes ... (Texas Bound!)

Jamba, Inc. Plans Strategic Changes to Enhance Franchise Support and Fuel Growth

EMERYVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jamba, Inc. (NASDAQ:JMBA) (“Jamba” or the “Company”), a leading health and wellness brand, announced today its plans to relocate its Company headquarters, currently in Emeryville, California, to Frisco, Texas. The Company also announced changes to its organization structure and leadership team.

The Company’s move to Frisco, Texas, a North Dallas suburb, is designed to better position the Company for sustainable, long-term growth and thus better serve Jamba’s franchisees and customers. Over the next six months Jamba will transition its California Support Center operations to Frisco, which will serve as headquarters for the Company’s operations, business development, sales and marketing, finance, supply chain, technology, HR and other corporate functions. Following this transition, Jamba will close its Emeryville office.

“With the pending expiration of our lease in Emeryville at the end of 2016, we explored a number of location options that would offer us competitive operating costs, a region with extensive access to skilled restaurant talent, an attractive cost of living to our current and future team members and a geographical location that facilitates our ability to expand our store base. The State of Texas meets all of these criteria and Frisco is a community committed to healthy living that aligns closely with our overall mission,” said Pace.

Let me translate:

  • “Competitive operating costs” = Low taxes, sane regulations, wages not artificially inflated by government fiat;

  • “Attractive cost of living” = Low taxes, housing costs not inflated by government hyper-regulation, freeways not sized and “maintained” to drive commuters into using mass transit.

Welcome to Texas! Very soon the US will be doing business from Texas.

Texas is becoming the new “Colorado”.

It will certainly be interesting to see how taxes (or lack of) and regulation (or lack of) fair in the long run on wages and ultimately quality of life.

I suspect both sides will cherry pick statistics that appear to support their position. Given their locations and geographic differences, I wonder of a compelling apples to apples comparison can be made?

And will go the way Colorado went.

I remember, not-so-long ago, Colorado was the reddest of Red States. Small government and self-sufficiency was the way. Denver and Boulder were just pockets of freaks - the way Austin is, now. (And at that time, the Austin Leftist faction was deep under-cover).

Colorado, with its California immigration, went hard-Left. And inside of fifteen years. Texas, with its California flood, it’s Mexico flood, and Federal machinations in elections, will very-likely do the same.

I’m now in Montana as well, and I’m watching the Colorado disaster repeat here. Californians, like a plague of locusts.


On the topic of moving to Texas… I live in central Texas (desert). About 30 miles outside of town is a very small town that has a group of people from CA. A while back one CA guy sold his house there & moved here. He bought an even nicer house here & invested the rest of the money that he got for his house. (Houses & cost of living are a lot lower here). He told his friends & last I heard a fair sized group of them did the same.

California’s economy is growing faster than Texas.

California’s economy is growing faster than Texas.
And it always has. Just like the insane costs of houses in CA still shoot up much faster than the cost of houses in Texas. On the other hand when the economy goes to shit, CA’s economy seems to fair a lot worse than Texas. The last recession didn’t really have any effect on the part of Texas where I live (for instance). Heck the worst thing that has happened to us was the oil boom. Rents doubled or tripled & the housing prices have skyrocketed. It was totally insane & even now hasn’t come down that much. Now I’m sure that doesn’t apply to the big cities but I really know nothing about them because I don’t & won’t ever live in one again.

Texas, 12th largest economy in the world!

705 people NET (1000 less move outs and deaths) move to Texas every day of the year on average.

At the RNC a news reporter was talking to the Texas delegation. Toward the end he asked how many of your own guns, every hand went up, then a voice from the delegation said “you din’t ask how many”…

NO personal incomer taxes

Sales Taxes 6.25% + about 2% city/county taxes for a max 8.25% tax rate.


Mexican Food


I find this hard to believe . The last time I looked the state was billions in debt which is growing by leaps and bounds. There are others who live in California like RET who can provide more input on this.

We were on the edge of growth before the recession all it did was delay the growth here(north part of the Metroplex). Didn’t lose or gain anything from the recession.