James Comey gets off scott free


The report is in … James Comey got away with breaking his contract as a chief of the FBI. BUT the Justice Department will not prosecute him. Typical … When you are government bureaucrat and work for the Democrats, you are immune from prosecution. I told you this would happen.

“Justice” with respect to the Federal Government bureaucracy is a joke. The swamp rules. As a senior citizen, I hope that we won’t end up with a police state before I die, but I doubt it.

The “Inspector General” a joke. He’s like the guy who stands outside of a bank and tells the a bank robber "You should not have done that, but if you get out the front door, the money is yours


Barr seems to be concerned that he could never get an indictment, let alone a conviction, using a D.C. jury and, unfortunately, he’s probably right given the political makeup of the District.


Then I guess government wrong doing is okay because African-Americans.


The 2 tier justice system is alive and well. Sad day for our Republic.


To kill a snake … you chop off it’s head.

Unless Obama is taken down, charged with sedition and all of his ‘hidden’ records opened, you Will Not see Justice over what this country has been put through!

Not for the eight years that the Obama’s were in power or in this attempt to overthrow a duly elected President!

Obama was ‘chosen’ for his skin color, nothing else and his actions, then and now … wont be ‘investigated’ for the same reason!

Blame it all on Brennan, Clapper, Comey et al. but make no mistake, it couldn’t have happened without Obama leading the way.


I don’t care if Obama walks, it would cause riots. I don’t care if Hillary walks, everyone knows she is a crook, even the people who voted for her. But if Brennan, Clapper and Comey are not indicted, arrested, tried, convicted and jailed, the rule of law is doomed.


Comey won’t even mouth a few platitudes that he is sorry. He is profoundly arrogant. The law and ethics mean nothing him. It’s scary to think about how many others like him are in the law departments of the Federal Government.

Any Democrat who condemns Trump for firing him is as big a scum bag as Comey is.


This guy was almost infinitely more corrupt than J. Edgar Hoover ever thought of being.


I’m not surprised. Supposedly the reason is that the case would be too complicated for an average juror to comprehend, so conviction would be very unlikely.

Considering how stupid John Q. Public is these days, I find it a legitimate concern.

As to the head of the snake… It will never happen. It would not be politically correct.


I guess if you are crooked government official, all you need to do make you crime complicated, and then you get off. That’s about as lame of as an excuse as anyone could make.


He considers himself the embodiment of both, therefore if he does it, it must be legal and ethical.


Sadly, that’s probably the crux of the issue. But I know there are some cases where the prosecution can ask for a change of venue, i.e. move the trial somewhere else. All of DC is so thoroughly corrupt that any random juror may indeed have been part of the crime at some level. So I think there’s an excellent case for a change of venue.

I sure hope Barr is thinking along that line.


I can’t agree with you this time old_dog.
I don’t want justice to be held hostage to fears of mob violence!
That is what happened with the OJ murders and two innocent folks never received the justice that they deserved!
(Not to mention their parents and other love ones)

What next?
Robbery, rape, assault, drug dealings …?

What kind of Justice is it when certain people of certain races can commit crimes at will and the crimes will be ignored?


Social justice, Silliessis, social justice…




It’s political reality. An indictment of BHO would widely be perceived as politically motivated persecution. You’ll never get a DC jury to convict him. The best we can hope for is public exposure of his involvement.


They said the same thing about prosecuting Hillary because she’s a female. I call BS.


“They” say a lot of things that amount to “Shut up, peasants, governance doesnt concern you, it’s for your betters”


When are they going to show up?..