Jan 2017 Hillary has won, what now?


I don’t see a lot of difference between her and Obama. More of an icing on the baked cake. She is not a smart woman, she is cunning and a true pathological liar, in fact she has lied so much, so long over her life that lying is easy and in her mind she has done it so long it has become her shield. She is unable to be truthful.

She will go for big prizes and she can do this because she has an opportunity to make as many as 4 appointments to SCOTUS whether she knows this or not this will be her biggest legacy because it will last for many years past her tenure.

The other REALLY BIG Shew will be Gun Control and she will take it to a level that will shock the world. My guess is she will sign and adopt the UN Policy on Guns. What is sez is NO guns, no way, no how.

She will move the US under the UN umbrella and will adopt the UN Global tax plan the result will be we will pay UN Taxes and we will give up a lot of our sovereignty to Global Governance.

Hitlery will try to hang her hat on UHC, Universal Health Care. Obamacare has all but failed and she will go back to the 90’s and pickup her plan and put it in Obamacares place.

A big question is how she will handle the $20 TRILLION debt and a Govt Budget that has the govt spending over $1 Trillion more than it takes in. She is facing what could be a major problem in dealing with these issues and what we KNOW is that Dims see more taxes as the solution to all problems. Under her leadership we could end up in a depression and massive inflation at the same time. She may well go down in history as worse than even Obama.

She is a one-term POTUS, its clear if you watch her on TV you can tell this is a woman who has some health issues and I don’t see a second term in the cards.

If she is successful in ceding sovereignty to the UN and putting a bullet in the 2nd Amend this will solidify the Progressive (Communist) movement in the US and it won’t be likely that even a middle of the road conservative will be elected for a very long time

She will take corruption to a whole 'nother level in our govt and make her antics at the State Dept look mundane.

Anyone have anything they want to predict and add to this list?


Anyone have anything they want to predict and add to this list?
Yes, I believe that Trump will win.


Its what she will do to the supreme court that concerns me. No, I don’t think Trump has a chance. I think he will blow it in the debates. I think the senate should confirm Merrick asap.


Some people seem to think that Hillary is getting ready to kick-off. I don’t see it. Even if she had a stroke and was brain dead the Dems in Congress would cover for her. It would be like Woodrow Wilson, only worse.

If she hands the country over to the UN and we end up paying UN taxes, I think that she would have a revolt on her hands. Of course by then maybe she’ll have the election process rigged so that only Democrats and RINOs will be in the House and Senate.


Remember HER BASE does not pay taxes, in fact most of them get back about $5-$6k in money they never paid in that should be illegal…you can’t get a tax refund if you did not pay in.


Me, too, Tex…I think that Trump is just now getting heated up and is ready to run hard.


First, I expect the Article V movement will pick up steam.

I expect she’ll have her hired guns declare it illegal. That’s when the rubber hits the road - are we going to let these weak, stupid, craven people rule over us? Or are we going to Secede?

You tell me. If I were a betting man, I’d say the odds are better that we’ll take it and pray for a humble spirit to bear it. But I hope I’m wrong.


I can smell a possible revolt or two happening from a year or two away if Hillary gets in. Not sure what will be going on with that if she confiscates are guns, though.

JustPassinThru, you talk a lot about secession lately, do you? Have you also heard about micronations?


No. It sounds like cute sophistry - declare yourself a sovereign. Sorry…doesn’t work. If your family is politically connected or you live in a quiet region, you’ll be ignored - until the IRS gets around to you. If you don’t have such protection you’ll either be jailed or hauled off to the booby hatch.

States as little nations will not last long. The plan here will be, MUST be, to form an alternate alliance - ideally, using the Constitution as originally written with a FEW, WISE amendments. Such as Term Limits and State Overrides.

But the idea of North Dakota, say, as a nation-state…that won’t work. It would become someone’s frontier…Ottawa’s or Washington’s; or maybe Peking’s.