Janet Napolitano: I Don't Use E-mail. At All.


Napolitano: I Don’t Use E-mail. At All. - Tech Daily Dose


Saw where a fellow who just wrote a book claims not only her but the WH is mostly doing off net (outside ‘.gov’) e mails. They are doing this to hide their real agenda from future prying eyes and investigations…not surprised…


She probably doesn’t use Email but she IS involved in trying to get government controls over the internet. She is another I truly believe, when the Obama administration is out, should be arrested for unAmerican activities.


Right on!

She does not use e mail because she does not want a paper trail


I completely agree. Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder should both be thrown in prison.


If it was a Republican Administration there would be impeachment proceedings underway.


I don’t know about that. It’s true, liberals seem to get away with much more, but there are corrupt Republicans still running around free.


You are right…that said politics and corruption go together.

At my age I have seen a lot go down and here is my take on it:

Liberal Corruption: Why is their corruption also costs the taxpayer a LOT of money, does damage to our Constitution, flag, our country, they sell out the US and their state, when its a sex scandal its always something like running a homo sex ring out of your apt in DC or their involvement with a young boy or them hanging out in some adult movie house somewhere. Then retire from politics and suddenly they become worth several hundred million bucks selling global warming scams on late night TV.


Ya might want to rethink that sentence. LOL


[quote=“2cent, post:9, topic:36360”]
Ya might want to rethink that sentence. LOL
[/quote] LOL, yea, AUDIT trail is what I should have said…thanks


Heck, I got a chuckle out of how our brains seem to work in this techie world we now live in. Being over 40, I do the same thing; say “paper trail,” when I guess, technically, it’s a “cyber trail.” (And/or audit trail, like you said.)

Keep smilin’!


Actually, I am retired from the IT business, spent 25 years in it and what I know is something never talked about…There is no paperless light at the end of the tunnel. A few companies have done exceptionally well in reducing paper (such as USAA Ins Co) but overall paper consumption is UP. In '85 I did (what we believe) the first study done on paperless office and desktop publishing. The results of that study pointed to INCREASED hard copy in the office rather than reduced… Many poo-poo’d the study, but as it turns out I was correct. The reason why was two fold. Increased computerization led to increased production, improved efficiencies, do more with same effort. Secondly the fact that to most folks had copy reads different than screen copy. Which is true due to the ‘pixel aspect ratio’ of most monitors, it changes the appearance and formatting.

Automation increased output, but did not save paper…


Well I’ll be darned. Thanks for that interesting tidbit, 17Oaks.

FWIW, Mr. 2 refuses to go ‘paperless’ when paying bills. He wants a hard copy, and I don’t blame him. Besides, businesses pushing, “Go Green” on their envelopes annoys me.


Yeah, I spent 25 years as a computer programmer, and my experience was that computers don’t reduce paper - they increase it - because it is much easier to make it with a computer.