Japan reveals new stealth jet


Well, this seems to be another feather in BO’s cap. Japan is now ahead of the U.S. in technology. And, not just any technology, but military technology. I wish they’d put him and Moochie on it and send them into space.

Japan’s first stealth fighter unveiled - CNN Video


This could actually be a good thing, in the long run. The Japs can defend themselves against China and N Korea better with this technology. Personally, I wish the Japs had nukes.


I don’t see it as a bad thing. I see the fact that they managed to get to this point of technology FIRST as an indictment of how BO has managed lower the U.S. in so many areas. The U.S. should have been FIRST as it has in the past. Given that the Japanese are now our allies, I think it is a good thing for exactly the reasons you’ve given. It will be interesting to see what happens with this.


You think their plane is better than our F-22 Raptor? I doubt it. Also remember, much of what makes a plane great is the electronic goodies on the inside. I am sure we have them beat on that score.


I’m no expert on jets, but this is a stealth bomber–it can’t be detected by radar. Does the F-22 Raptor have that capability? I hope we have them beat on something! I hope we have something better hidden away from everyone’s eyes.


Wow! This is pretty cool!



It is comparable to the Lockheed f-35.
No, it doesn’t yet compare. It may be 2018 before they begin production. 2028 for deployment. 327 million, at this point.


Well, I won’t be around to worry about it then! LOL!


The Raptor is so good that they terminated future production since nothing in the world comes close to it! That’s Obamalogic for you. :banghead:

PS the Air Force still has about 200 of them.


Japan does well with electronics. But engines are a big factor.

It says fighter on the link. Anyway, yes, the F-22 has stealth features, as does the F-35. And Boeing is offering a modified F-15 with some stealth features (called the Silent Eagle).

Stealth is relative. There’s no such thing as a perfectly radar-proof plane. True fighters such as the F-22 and F-35 aren’t going to be as stealthy as the F-117 Nighthawk (in spite of the F-designation and the fact that it was frequently referred to as “the Stealth Fighter,” a fighter it is not; it’s a subsonic ground-attack plane).


Thanks FC! I know you’re pretty much an expert when it comes to jets and aerodynamics. Didn’t they stop making the stealth bomber? I just hope somewhere, somehow we’re working on higher technologies.


Honda just released their first passenger jet a couple of months ago but I was unaware that Japan was working on producing a fighter.


I thought I had heard that Japan was going to start producing an airforce again since the pact they signed after WW2 due to the threat of China, I wonder if this is part of the plan.

It is important that American/Japanese relations continue to strengthen and share technology. Also, for those against the TPP, it is an excellent way to form a strong trade bloc that omits key Asian competitors while bringing Japan into the fold.


Maybe the Canadians should kick in and actually help instead of always letting us do all the work.


The B-2 Spirit (the stealth bomber) was never going to be anything but a short production run (partly because of cost, but also because we don’t operate a large number of bombers to start with).


There are limitations on how much military personnel and hardware they can possess due to the treaty that is in effect since their surrender at the end of WW2.

It is good that they can play a more effective role in defending themselves. They are only allowed to have a force large enough and capable enough to hold off a first attack long enough for US reinforcements to arrive.


I’d say that treaty needs to be re-visited. I doubt that Japan will try to conquer the Pacific again.


I agree that Canada should do more and I have expressed this to my government.

Now do your job and elect a representative of the Republican that is actually a Republican. At very least, someone who is an economic Conservative.


“Republican” means little any more. And the RNC won’t let us nominate a real conservative.


Terry, the RCAF is the 3rd or 6th largest air force in the Americas, depending on whether the USAF, USA, USN, and USMC are considered individually or as a single whole. Canada, physically, is a little larger than the US, but has a little more than a tenth of that of the US. And BTW, the timing of the RCAF’s purchase of their F-18s probably lowered the per-unit price the USN and USMC paid. The RCN and CA are similarly scaled.

Considering Canada’s geography/climate and population, I think your snark more than a bit off-base.