Jay Leno Reported Out at The Tonight Show


Jay Leno Reported Out at The Tonight Show

Ed Driscoll

“All eyes will be on Jay Leno’s Tonight show tonight,” Roger Friedman writes at Show Biz 411. “With one hour to go before Wednesday night’s taping, NBC sent Leno a clear message and used the media to do it”:

Note that unless he’s undergone a dramatic and unreported political transformation in the last decade, Leno’s left-leaning politics are the same as Michaels’ and Fallons’; but he’s worked hard to maintain the same middle-of-the-road tone that Carson took, allowing him to regularly best the partisan and angry leftist Letterman, and keeping him one of the few ratings bright spots in NBC’s otherwise dismal line-up.

I don’t stay up that late, so I don’t know if any fireworks went off last night. And this has to be viewed as rumor grade until something is actually done. IF NBC replaced Leno it could be a level of stupid topped only by CBS’s 1971 cancelling of several Top 10 shows because they appealed to the “wrong” age demographic.


Leno’s still on the air? Conan, now he’s funny.


180 out for me. I liked Leno when I watched late-night TV, and Conan would have put me to sleep even if it wasn’t late.


I enjoy watching him. Fallon too, but he should stick to his current spot.


NY lawmaker blasts ‘Tonight Show’ tax credit

Last Updated: 11:39 AM, March 23, 2013
Posted: 2:11 AM, March 23, 2013

New York state would be better off spending money on services for the developmentally disabled than on tax credits to lure “The Tonight Show” back to the Big Apple, an upstate lawmaker argued yesterday.

“Tonight,” which moved from New York to California in 1972, is reportedly planning to replace longtime host Jay Leno with Fallon.

“It’s outrageous in this fragile economy to spend millions of tax dollars on a late-night talk show when thousands of people with developmental disabilities may lose the services they need,” said Assemblyman Jim Tedisco — a former GOP leader — in blasting “taxpayer-funded handouts to support the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.”

An update on this silliness.


NBC execs never appreciated #1-rated Leno: Column
Dave Berg

7a.m. EDT March 29, 2013

After months of speculation, the end of Jay Leno’s reign as host of NBC’s Tonight Show is now certain. The ever affable Jimmy Fallon takes over television’s longest-running entertainment program sometime in 2014 when Leno’s contract runs out.

Television critics and media observers have resented Leno since 1992 when he got the gig instead of David Letterman. They have never shown him the respect he deserves. In the parallel universe they’ve created, David Letterman was the rightful heir to Johnny Carson’s throne, and is, therefore, the king of late night.

Leno, an admitted social liberal/fiscal conservative, advises guests on his show not to cut off 50% of their potential audience by doing only left-leaning jokes. In the great tradition of Johnny Carson, he has consistently delivered the most political, yet even-handed monologue in the business.

It’s no secret Hollywood favored Barack Obama in the recent presidential election, and Leno’s competitors almost never did jokes about Obama, while doubling down on Mitt Romney zingers. Leno’s monologue spared none of the candidates – including Obama – throughout the election cycle. …

Leno’s bottom line is that he uses his talent to entertain, not to indoctrinate. Many in Hollyweird despise that, and the success that attitude has brought Leno.


I always liked Leno and never cared for Letterman. And if Leno was the only one doing Obama jokes early on, I’ll bet he got ratings that the others threw away…