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Ive finally decided to do this. I will post a new song every couple of weeks or so. These are my original songs, mostly in demo form. I dont have a full band and Im kind of stuck in the Rocky Mountains right now. Although I mostly write love sogs, I have experimented with country, and put a conservative spin on some music I have recently written. Some of the music I will post here was under contract from a Nashville company which ripped me off, and dident plug my music as they were supposed to. That contract has expired, so Im just sending music to people everywhere to enjoy (or not), and feel free to download them, they are free!

I wanted to present them fully produced, with various artists singing, but in my current state, that will take years to do. So here they are in rough demo form. Hope ya like!

I will put two on at first. Both of these songs were originally sung by me, but were written for a female vocalist (like half my songs). I found a charming young women in Nashville named Heather Morris who charges 50 dollars a song, for guitar and vocals. The first song is rather short and to the point. The second song is rather long, and my only complaint is it wasent sang fast enough. Be patient with the second one please. In the future I will post the original (sang by me) which is more powerful and faster.

  1. Let You Go. Words and music by Jay LaGUE, guitar and vocal by Heather Morris.

SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - These songs are just rough demos. I meant for other people to sing them.

  1. The Long Lonley Night. Words and Music by Jay LaGUE, guitar and vocals by Heather Morris.
    SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - These songs are just rough demos. I meant for other people to sing them.

Heather Morris has an artist My Space. Check it out.

Nice tunes, Jay. Looking forward to hearing more. How did you record them?

Those two songs were recorded by Heather Morris at her place somewhere (dont know). The rest that I will post are songs recorded in my bedroom with a fostex. If you liked those songs, be ready for better and more. I have intrumentals as well with multi tracks. Should be fun, the next song you will get to hear me sing. Most people cant believe its me. Maybe I’ll post one sooner for fun.

Thanks for the feedback.

I wish the vets that are on this site will listen to song #2. When it was originally sang be me, I was too choked up, and had to do many takes to get it right. Heather did a really good job with it, but its a little to slow.

Good songs. Are you going to be adding any vocals to future versions?

As to the Nashville debacle, avoid the dying dinosaurs that are major record labels, at least until you developed enough of an independent buzz so as to have some bargaining leverage.

The dinosaur dosent seem it will die. It hasent for 30 years. Anything that is halfway decent is indi, but people are riddled with POP, they dont know. Music and movies are dead.

Here is me on Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Harmonica, and lead Vocal.

I wrote this for a female country vocalist, but couldent afford to pay for a full band. So I did it myself.

SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - These songs are just rough demos. I meant for other people to sing them.

Here is an instrumental piece for guitar lovers.

Rocky Mountain Holiday.

Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Piano and Synth By Jay.

SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - These songs are just rough demos. I meant for other people to sing them.

I can’t comment - I can’t get them well enough on my slow dial-up. Hope you are successful with them!

I wish you could hear them. I have already failed with them. Im told I write to old fashioned. Right now Im listening to Sinatra.

“Old fashioned” has a way of coming back from time to time.

Alicia Keys was told exactly the same thing about her music, and look where she is. Just keep making quality music from the heart and someone will notice.

This is the first song I wrote over 13 years ago. I dident write anything else for years. Weird.

Little One. Vocals and Guitar By Jay. Words and music by Jay.

SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - page with MP3 music downloads

New Demo.

Loves Unwritten Pages.

SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - page with MP3 music downloads

Jay, you’re going to hate me for this, but you sound a lot like one of the Beatles. At least in the one I’m listening to (the first one with you singing). But seriously, you are really talented. O_O

Thats the biggest compliment Ive recieved on the internet to date. Love the Beatles, especially Johns vocal style. I actually can change my voice from high to low very easily, and also can sound like Gordon Lightfoot, Lennon, Dylan, and others. I can even sound like a female vocalist. These songs are rough demos, that I really dident have the time or equipment to produce the way I wanted to. Thanks for the feedback, theres more to come.

Oh, really? I’m glad…I like the Beatles too, I was infatuated with them throughout grade school…I even named one of my goldfish Ringo…but then Ringo got sucked into the filter system and died. =(

You can sound like a female vocalist? Wow. That’s teetering on the edge between impressive and just plain odd. I just saw a (male) comedian the other night, Gabriel Iglesias, who can perfectly imitate the OnStar lady’s voice. It was eerie. O_O

I wrote this song last year.

The Life Of Riley

SoundClick artist: Jay LaGUE - page with MP3 music downloads

Good stuff man, if you don’t mind, I’d like to blog about it. Let me know if you want some tips on how to promote yourself online.

You can blog about it, it would probably be the most exposure I can get. I tried online stuff, and got ripped off, and most of the promo stuff is convaluted with clubhouse people. I have lots more from the past and a whole album Im working on now with five new songs. If you have any advice Im all ears!! Im really just trying to write, not be a performer.

BTW, the soundclick account I have is really irritating, and seems clubhousey, but its free. They promote some pretty lame stuff, and the song writing at times is pretty bad. Having a backgroud with working with other musicians, they can be very touchy and jealous. I never had a serious critique of my music by any place I have visited online. The musicians I worked with in Mass, love the songs. I dont know.