JBG Reintroduced


I have had a great run here, and I hope the next one is as good.

I will tell you I lasted about four days at CF; I was way too liberal for them, i.e. not a pure conservative. Hopefully here I will last longer than four days.


At this point we are hoping the board stays up for 4 days:)


I hope so,but my growing pessimism is that it will ultimately fail as the Owner has not showed up,not done the badly needed mass mailing to inform many, who think the forum is gone. Has not posted anything about the latest problem,so on.

I have seen forums die because of such neglect,inattention. But John Gault did say TWO years ago in a post, that it was becoming difficult to do the job of running the board,asked for help wants to solve it,but got no visible response for it.

Here we are today wondering what is going on…


Actually, JG did log in yesterday afternoon. I saw his forum name on the list of members who had been on the forum that day. It’s been so long since I’ve been an RO “civilian” that I don’t remember whether all members can see that list (at the bottom of the main index page), or just Mod/Admin staff.


OK, lets see if we can fix this puppy: Anyone know how to contact JG? He certainly does not need to be here to run the show, he can assign an admin. When I had my forum I had 3 Admins: Myself, my asst and my Tech Admin. My Asst Admin was also my Sr Mod (albeit they did Mod users but just the other Mods). Point being JG does not have to be an active supporter, he can be in a passive role and long as someone is there to keep it flowing.

Does JG want to get rid of it???

I have a registered full vB 4.2.x that I own. If JG wants to unload RO, but wants his software, then he can keep his software…NOT trying to sell my software, but I will donate it to a worthy cause.

Then there is the hosting, vB offers it up, so does a lot of places, I had mine hosted for a while at GoDaddy, some I have several website I maintain, the I moved it to another outfit, forgot which one. Requiires some thought, but nothing that will give you a headache. This can be done with about $25 per mo incl support cost.

Lets get this thing fixed, up, running, stable…


Now this is what I have been looking for,the interest,the desire to get the ball rolling, to have an active Administrator in place.

You da man?


I never saw him online, but why doesn’t he say something,when he was here?


ClassicalTeacher was nice enough to send me an email advising me that it was open. Oops. I am JBG, not JG. So, Who Is JG?


JohnGalt (WhoIsJohnGalt), the admin.


Somewhere a day or two ago, John Galt did weigh in and reiterate his problems with administering this site and did not realize it was down. This administer thing is way above my paygrade, and if 17oaks is truly interested there must be somebody on here who has a modicum of contact with JG and maybe this thing can get settled down.


I have an email for him but I have never used it to communicate with him. I did pass it along to our mod team after the site went down after I found out they had had no luck contacting him. A long time ago I believe that myself and Devilneck offered to help in administrating the account. I have to many irons in the fire to do that now. Which reminds me, I need to get an email contact for one or our mods.