Jeb Bush buzz grows over possible 2016 run


Jeb Bush buzz grows over possible 2016 run - Washington Times

I would be fine with him running because he would probably block Rubio. I don’t think the GOP would pick Bush in the primary but they would pick Rubio.


dream on


With how far the left media has gone and how much they hate Bush, I can never imagine a Bush Obama Bush legacy… It won’t happen under their watch but it would be a sweet victory! Haha we got Bush again!!!


Why is Bush better than Rubio Biggie? Seem pretty much like two peas in a pod to me except Rubio is more electable. Are there policy differences you can cite?
I’m not really big on either guy…but of course…it is early.


Is Rubio more electable just because of his name? Bush has the experience and the connections


Sweet! The let’s pick a Progressive sweepstakes has begun!


Did you expect anything less? (or more)




In that case Rand Paul is more progressive than Bush is. Who exactly is conservative enough for you may I ask?


Yes…name and youth and demeanor. And Bush is less electable because of HIS! I am not speaking of the primaries…but of the general election and the large negatives associated with the Bush name thanks to 4 years of “blame” for all our troubles in the media and from BHO.


Rewind. Repeat. Rewind. Repeat. Rewind. Repeat.:yes:


"They bring a knife, we bring a gun. They kill one of ours, we kill five of theirs."
I want the candidate who will fight dirtier than they do, and when he takes office twist the handle off.

I want a candidate who can debate slick and fast, who can lie so good the people will believe he’s the, “second coming”.
That’s how the democrats do it and it works. The Democrats dress shit up to look like steak and the peasants eat it and believe it’s steak while the shit dribbles off their chin.


Jim DeMint, Mike Lee or Jeff Flake for starters. And would you show me just how Rand is a Big Government Progressive please.


He is better for my goals because he would block Rubio from running, while the GOP would be afraid to nominate him most likely. That opens the door for a non-establishment candidate.

Bush and Rubio are probably equally bad. I refuse to support establishment candidates, and in this case they are actually both neoconservatives as well. Weekly Standard types.


Joe Kennedy and George P. Bush as the future?

Joe Kennedy Wins Barney Frank’s Congressional Seat in Massachusetts - ABC News

George P. Bush poised to rise in Texas, GOP politics -


You want a candidate that will fight dirtier than falsely accusing someone of murder and tax evasion? your perfect candidate is an anonymous internet poster.


There is nothing dirtier than politics.

I want a candidate with the balls to fight the Democrats on their own terms!

I have had it with these Republicans who claim civility and keep on losing!


Obama is a liar and should be called a liar!


Murder?? Obama is as guilty of murder in Benghazi as if he pulled the trigger himself!


How many have died in Afghannistan because Obama cut the troop request5 by one third?
Murder is murder and Obama is a murderer!