Jeb Bush: "I Don't Think There's Any Bush Baggage At All"


Jeb Bush: "I Don’t Think There’s Any Bush Baggage At All"

CHRIS WALLACE, “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” HOST: Let me ask you a couple of more questions about the logic of whether or not you would run in 2016. Some people say that obviously you are proud of your family, their accomplishments but the question is would it be a political burden? I think it is fair to say that when your brother left the presidency, he was somewhat unpopular. We looked around the most recent polls and they show that 46% view him favorably, 49% view him unfavorably. Do you think that there is Bush baggage? Do you think that would be a problem?

JEB BUSH: No, I don’t think there is any Bush baggage at all. I love my brother, I’m proud of his accomplishments. I love my dad. I am proud to be a Bush. And if I run for president, it’s not because of something in my DNA that compels me to do it, it would be that it’s the right thing to do for my family, that the conditions are right and that I have something to offer. If I don’t run, I have a blessed life. I can continue to do what I’m doing now, work on education reform and advocate the policies that I believe in and also, a little private life and that decision will happen as I said later on.

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Alright, agreed, the name brings up some interesting images. In all fairness he did a better job then the current, which does not say much.


Bush with this statement is proving himself either:

  1. A liar
  2. Delusional and unqualified for office

Given his profession as a politician…the former seems more likely! :smiley:


I dont think his statement or his last name is a big deal. I am much more worried about his views on immigration.


Why worry about those?..they’re oh so slightly to the right of Lindsay and John and we’re being sold down the river by ALL the potential candidates and the “professional” Republicans. No one but Ted Cruz is standing up and saying NO.


Well, maybe no baggage other than the Patriot Act, the N.D.A.A., trillions added to the debt, bailouts, the DHS, the TSA, etc.