Jeb Bush - Not


There are two candidates who I sincerely hope fall on their ass in the Iowa Caucus on Monday.

One is Donald Trump. The man is not a conservative. He talks sh*t and many like that, but how he would govern is up for grabs.

The other candidate who I hope to see even more thoroughly rejected is Jeb Bush. In fact, Jeb Bush is my “anybody but” candidate among those Republicans viewed as “top tier”. He is pure vanilla. He is the anti-bold. There is nothing dynamic about the man. In my view he would have far less impact on Washington than is required at this point. We are in deep sh*t at home and abroad. Bush would be close to useless in confronting what ails us. In my view, there is nothing to recommend Jeb Bush. PERIOD!!


I said a long time ago that Bush should never have run for one - albeit unfair - reason: Americans will not elect a third Bush in one generation. I get the fact that he is his own man and all that, but be that as it may, Americans will not elect a third Bush, period.


Whether or not he is his own man, I can’t say with certainty.

My point is, he is the WRONG MAN!! IMHO


Oh, I agree completely…