Jeb "Supreme court pick not important"


JEB BUSH: I think President Obama is going to submit a nominee and in all likelihood this person will be out of the mainstream and he’ll be rejected by the Senate. That’s his prerogative. He has every right to do it, and the Senate has every right not to confirm that person. That’s what I said. He clearly has the power to do it, but given his choice of Supreme Court justices in the past the Senate of the United States should not confirm someone whose out of the mainstream.
DANA BASH: But if I could just clarify, right now it sounds as though…
DANA BASH: …the Republicans who run the Senate aren’t even going to schedule a vote. You think that one should be scheduled?
JEB BUSH: It’s up to Mitch McConnell. That’s really not important to me.

Jeb: It’s “not important to me” whether there’s a vote on Obama’s SCOTUS nominee « Hot Air

Considering he is running for president and feels like this is unimportant makes one wonder what else he would find unimportant. Do we really need a president who thinks so little of maintaining the constitution?


Best thing is to delay this all the way through 2016. If the past is any indication, it’s probably going to take that long anyway. If we’re lucky, Ted Cruz will be making that choice. If we’re not, it’ll be Sanders, Clinton or Trump :confused:


Aside from the slip you pointed out, what’s with this “POWER to do it” language?
Yo! Bush! It’s “authority”. There’s a difference.


I never knew he was so clueless. How did he hide it all that time he was governor?


You know the Peter Principle. well. he hit it.