Jeff Sessions unilateral recusal


President Trump revealed today in an interview with the NYT that AG Sessions recused himself from thr Russia investigation on his own; furthermore, he would have appointed someone else had he known Sessions would do so. I suspected this all along. The president is not that stupid. This was the stupidest action taken by anyone in the administration to date.


Sessions had no crystal ball prior to his appointment to AG telling him he would become one of the many subjects of the Russia probe… Sessions did the ethical thing in recusing himself. How could he ethically be a decision maker of an investigation as AG that he was part of? As AG, Sessions is doing a great job carrying out Trumps agenda.

There was no new revelation today by Trump. This recusal and Trump’s anger about it was documented at least 3 months ago. That Trump chose to recount his anger about the matter again today demonstrates the level of his intemperance. Trump is often one of his own worst enemies - second only behind the deranged, hysterical media.


Sessions never had anything other than routine contact with Russians typical of any member of Congress. The pressure to recuse himself was nothing more than a ruse to get a special counsel appointed and begin a never ending witch hunt. If he couldn’t take the media pressure he should have resigned.

I was unaware that this info came out months ago. Trump’s anger, then and now, is understandable. Perhaps he should have just fired Sessions.


? As far as I’m aware, Trump did not want a Marijuana crack-down. On this front, and on Mandatory minimum sentences, Sessions has been a disaster.


AS - Sessions has been a “disaster” if you’re on the Left.

Yes, OD, Session’s contact was undoubtedly simply routine - in fact, it appears it was a chance encounter during a social gathering attended by dozens of people. Nonetheless, this contact became a cause celeb in the media hysteria - to the point he became and may still be a focus (as a witness, at least) of the current formal investigation. People have differing opinions regarding his recusal.

That said, I think it a mistake for Trump to once again bring up the topic of Sessions/his recusal - UNLESS he is so angry with Sessions that he is attempting to get him to resign. For Trump to fire Sessions would be politically untenable. IMHO


Or just not a Statist.

The Drug war is dead, Sessions trying to draw people back into it, and deligitimize legal businesses, is bullcrap.


BTW, Asst. AG, Rob Rosenstein, has the same conflict of interest in the Mueller probe that Sessions had. Rosenstein, who took over supervising the Russia investigation and who appointed special counsel, Mueller, is a material witness in the firing of former FBI Director, James Comey. Recall, it was Rosenstein who documented Comey’s shoddy performance/judgement that led to Comey’s firing - the seminal act producing the Russia probe.

Obviously, Rosenstein is ethically bound to recuse himself. Unfortunately, the rubes in Trump’s administration are to stupid to understand this.


Sessions’s expansion of civil forfeiture is an outrage. You know it’s pretty sad when libertarians are looking at Hillary Clinton and saying she would have been the less anti-liberty choice.


Sessions is an old school boy scout, the appearance of impropriety is more than enough to justify stepping out and trusting the structure that those without rose colored glasses know is wholly corrupt.

Everybody including Trump knew that Sessions cannot be budged from any course that he believes is appropriate; while honorable these traits are exploited by those without honor.

The Left have no honor.


NO business that sells, grows, transports or markets marijuana is a “legal” business…not as long as marijuana is still classed as a prohibited drug by federal law. Don’t like the law? Fine. CHANGE it. Just don’t pretend it doesn’t exist and routinely violate it as the left does with ANY law with which they disagree, such as immigration.


It is in the State. The Federal Government has no business making provisions on drugs, that’s not its job.

At best, it can ask no one smoke while on Federal roads or lands, otherwise, this is a State prerogative.

> Don’t like the law? Fine. CHANGE it. Just don’t pretend it doesn’t exist and routinely violate it as the left does with ANY law with which they disagree, such as immigration.

The Founders rejected law they didn’t agree with Dave. Laws that fail to comply with the ultimate law, natural law, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

If we were talking about a law that prevented people from owning firearms, you would blame the law, and rightly so.

Compliance is not a moral issue. And laws that fail to be moral in their execution, deserve only rejection.


Just don’t pretend the law is constitutional and isn’t just one more federal overreach.


I didn’t say that I agreed with the law against marijuana–though I do, to a degree. I’ve seen 'way too many people’s lives ruined by using weed for recreation. In all my years as an LEO, I recognized that only a very small percentage of pot smokers move on to stronger crutches, but virtually EVERY heroin, meth, or cocaine user I ever came in contact, had their first “high” by smoking marijuana and DID move on to something stronger. I also know that there are some people who DO become addicted to pot smoking. Yes, it MAY be “psychological addiction” but it’s addiction, nevertheless and they CANNOT quit without severe physical consequences. I have a close friend whose daughter suffered the tortures of the damned trying to kick her pot habit. She failed and is STILL smoking pot regularly, is skinny, has lost teeth, has haunted eyes and spends every waking hour in search of her next high.


All that, notwithstanding, if you don’t like a law, then CHANGE it. As long as the law is on the books, it should be obeyed–not flaunted by the various States and ignored. I would NOT likely use pot if it were to suddenly become legal in this country. I don’t even like taking pills for my various aches and pains and infirmities, though I do take some on my doctor’s advice. I’ve undergone double cataract surgery, have osteoarthritis, had one spinal surgery to remove a benign tumor on my spinal cord, had a full knee replacement, 4 angioplasties installing 8 stents, a triple by-pass and aortic valve replacement, have congestive heart failure, mild COPD, suffered through a pulmonary embolism and been shot three times…not to mention having an emergency appendectomy at age 16! Still, the only pain medication I’ll take is low-dose aspirin (1 per day). If I can tough it out, so can anybody else. I don’t need artificial aids to “feel good.” I’m generally cheerful and upbeat in my dealings with other people and have even been officially commended for my friendliness at the travelers’ aid desk at the local airport.


Why is it any of the government’s business what a person does so long as they aren’t interfering in the like liberty of others?


Problem is, they frequently ARE “interfering in the like (sic) liberty of others.”


Exactly, implement some genuine accountability and I would support legalizing just about everything the low life scumbags like to do.

But you will never hear any of the “Constitution says it is a Right” crowd advocate for the Rights of the victims who bear the burdens of the scumbag lifestyle.

Jail and fines do not equal restitution, individuals who are victimized are not protected by “consequences” that do not deter actions by adequately bringing a like measure of misery upon the heads of those who trample on the Rights of the innocent.


Dave, it’s more like people already had problems, and they use drugs to get away from them.

Most drugs don’t cause addiction, rather, people use them compulsively to hide from their real problems. An actual heroine addict describes it in just this way.

People use video games, gambling, and binge eating to do the same way, compulsive consumption to hide from their problems. Yet again, none of that is illegal, and we know it wouldn’t help people if we made it so.

The law is the wrong tool for the wrong job here.

Alcoholics. This is applies equally to them. But you’re not punishing people for being drunk, until they go out and do something bad while drunk.

Marijuana shouldn’t be judged by any different standard. It’s completely arbitrary that you do so.


Yes, you will.


Yet it remains unconstitutional. The federal government has no business regulating marijuana or any other drug of any kind.