Jeffery Epstein, alleged pedophile and Bill Clinton pal, has committed suicide

Indicted pedophile, Jeffery Epstein, has committed suicide. I’m usually not one to start conspiracy theories, but wasn’t this guy supposed to be on a suicide watch? How could this have happened?

Were his guards incompetent, or was this “a convenient event?” Could it be another in the long line of deaths that have been connected with the Clinton Clan? It looks suspicious to me. When you get close to causing problems for the rich and powerful, especially the Clintons, accidents or suicides tend to happen.

are there any dates and times on posts??

The net news works are busting their butts calling this suicide to keep us away from the *c word.

In my opinion, enough has been suspicious with this incident that I find it difficult to believe suicide. Breaking news is no camera footage and the guards were overworked. I’ve heard about the guards that work this facility and overworked was never one of the adjectives, verb or adverb. I’ve heard other terms that suggest to me…thuggery.

Today someone chalked the sidewalk in front of The Epstein residence…‘XOXOXO Bill and Hillary’.


What I heard on the news was that he’d been taken off suicide watch.

And why would they have taken him off the suicide watch when he was supposed to have tried it only the week before? Did his frame of mind suddenly get better? None of this adds up if you try to believe that this was only a random act.

I’ve seen a couple of reports now that the camera footage is conveniently missing…? And the unionized prison guards in New York were “overworked”? That sounds… like a highly unlikely chain of coincidence?

No Epstein means no case, so here’s hoping that this was a DOJ op to get him safely sequestered until evidence is compiled… yeah, right. Somebody on his client list had him whacked, and the DOJ let it happen.

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So on suicide watch, they watch the hallways, but not the cells?

This stinks worse than an open sewer. Worse than San Francisco, even…

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Guards get hand smacked. Warden is reassigned. Wow. Bill Barr is really taking names and.kicking ass. LOLOL

Reportedly shrieks and yelling from Epstein’s cell at time of suicide. And no one was curious. Very suspicious. But the public is stupid. Aren’t we.


The temporarily assigned BLACK FEMALE warden has been reassigned.

How much you want to bet she’s a Hillary fan.

They are entitled to a fair hearing, so I’m not ready to jump on AG Barr just yet.



Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty, but the names of all involved are sealed. You know what that means right? They were all Clintons and Democrats. If Trump or any of his associates were involved the names would have been released. Word to @Unitedwestand

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