Jerry Falwell Jr. Responds to Liberty University Debate Boycott Due to 'Islamophobia'

Jerry Falwell Jr. Responds to Liberty University Debate Boycott Due to 'Islamophobia’
April 24, 2016|10:42 am

Liberty University hosted the Virginia High School League state debate championships this weekend, but some teams didn’t show up, boycotting the Christian university on the basis of president Jerry Falwell Jr.'s comments on Muslims.

Falwell spoke to Liberty University students last December after the San Bernardino shooting, discussing the radical Islamic terrorists responsible for the attack. “It was clear to all in attendance that when I said, ‘if more good people [obtained their concealed carry permits and carried a gun], we could end those Muslims before they walked in and killed,’ I was only referring to the Muslim terrorists who attacked innocents in San Bernardino and in Paris, France,” the Liberty University president writes in an April 22 op-ed in The Washington Post.

Liberty does not charge the VHSL a fee for using its campus and buildings.

Last December, the VHSL also released a statement saying it was concerned about safety at Liberty following comments by Falwell.

Some schools that boycotted Liberty “are basing their decision on Liberty’s concealed carry policy,” Falwell adds. “The policy, in place since 2011, states that individuals over 21 who have qualified for concealed carry permits and granted such permits by the state of Virginia (as well as received permission through the Liberty University Police Department) are allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.”

A McLean student, Fatima Shabaz, was quoted by WUSA9 as arguing that Liberty should be disqualified from hosting state tournaments because it is a private religious institution and that state tournaments should be held at public institutions like VCU, UVA, or William and Mary.

“One might reasonably conclude that her proposition is Christophobic. Prohibiting a Christian university from hosting a public debate smacks the First Amendment on two cheeks. Which one do we turn?” Howell asks.

Whole lotta smokescreened politicking going on:

  • VHSL’s statement that it was, “concerned about safety at Liberty,” flies in the face of the documented comparative safety of Liberty’s campus, unless Muslims are violent (something Falwell never claimed);

  • The comment by the student with the Muslim-sounding name was obvious anti-Christian bigotry cloaked in Constitutional garb.

The parents of students at these high schools need to let the schools’ adminicrats know that their politicking was quite inappropriate … and maybe remove their kids from those schools (i.e. transfer them to a private school or homeschool them instead). @#$% like this is one of many reasons private schools and homeschooling are growing.

I’m thinking the members of those forensics teams - in the long run, if not immediately - are going to rue the lost memories of competing in a statewide event more than whatever momentary satisfaction they derived from this anti-Falwell and anti-Christian act.