Jesse Ventura on Clinton, Trump: ‘If I'd have ran, I'd have beaten both these two


If it were up to Jesse Ventura, marijuana would be legal, Gary Johnson would be president and the United States would abandon the two-party system.
Oh, and American media companies would act more like Russia’s.
That’s just some of what the former Minnesota governor, ex-professional wrestler and author told Yahoo News in a wide-ranging interview on Thursday.
Ventura dismissed concerns about Johnson’s qualifications after the Libertarian presidential nominee seemed to be unfamiliar with Aleppo during an appearance on MSNBC earlier in the day. Aleppo is the most populous city in Syria and the epicenter of the long and violent conflict that has sparked a global refugee crisis.

Jesse being Jesse.


Well it is settled now, Donald Trump does not have the biggest ego in American politics. By the way, has he left the country yet, like he promised, after his lawsuit was thrown out?


Jesse Ventura is a quitter. What he has to say means as much to me as what he was saying when he was promoting wrestling shows for the WWF. In other words, the man has a big mouth with no brain.


My post on this is odd, I know. But I will never say anything negative about a former Navy Seal, nor Marine.


Sorry but those rules don’t apply to Jesse Ventura. He has used all of his “get out of the dog house free” cards and then some. Just look at how he has treated the widow of another service man. He sued Chris Kyle’s widdow. That makes him lower than whale poop so far as I’m concerned.


Not just a “service man”, a highly decorated Navy Seal.


According to several Navy SEALs I know, he is black listed, he not a SEAL, he never completed the 26 week Navy SEAL course, he only attended the Underwater portion, from which he did grad UDT, but never spent any significant time in a UDT unit. He NEVER saw combat and his only award was the Vietnam Service medal, he did NOT have a tour in Vietnam, he was over there for very short time and left. His DD 214 speaks volumes about him, he was a loser!


That quote of mine that you used was referring to Chris Kyle, not Jesse Ventura.