Jesse Watters: Liberals destroy you when they can't debate you

Jesse Watters: Liberals destroy you when they can’t debate you

Fox News host blasts Democrats’ efforts to stamp out dissent during his opening monologue on ‘Watters World’

Dissent will not be tolerated

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Well. Democrats believe in the caste system, yet at the same time purport to do away with it… by continuing it?

Anything merit based automatically stirs outrage in libs because it means you’ll be rewarded for work and not victim hood

The joke in 2009 used to be that O’Riely shouted over everyone. In 2001 Bill Maher was canceled by ABC from pressure from the president. Michael Moore was taken off primetime with pressure from the GOP and Boycotts. You wanna talk about Cancel Culture, and a violation of even speaking I spent 20 days in lock up trying to reach the ACLU cause the Sheriff had a vendetta with the ACLU since they forced the county to build a new jail. I had to use a third party to reach them I was out 2 days later. Literal inability to speak. Charges were later dropped. You wanna talk about cancel culture have a cop kneel on you for 9 minutes straight. Boohoo Facebook and Youtube don’t like conspiracy theories your freemarket bit you in the bum. You’re right progressives don’t care about free speech anymore after being silenced for so long they no longer respect your right to say things because you have never respected theirs. I came here trying to find one person who could break the party paradigm and I blew up and I still think your whole lot oughta be social pariahs till you start talking logical again, Like what democrats went through in the 80s.

When and how were progressives silenced

Hogwash. By and large, the right just doesn’t waste time watching talking heads they don’t like (voting with their dollars, aka free market). A large segment of the left is proving to do otherwise, trying to leverage other people’s resources to push their agenda.

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ask Rosa Parks, MLK, Many Left Wing Reports in the 90s, People who questioned the patriot act, ask Snowden, Ask Bradley Manning, Ask George Carlin about the 7 dirty words that came from nowhere straight from his act put in to law.

You do know that most of these people are conservative by todays standards. And they are all ancient examples. I want to know people who are being silenced today not assassinated 60 years ago. Dang dude.

rep: “Like who?”
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…is all your posts, and a very bad hateful socialist anti-American joke at that.

They sure try to, thats for sure.