Jewish-Arab American Woman Sues Airline and TSA for Racial Profilling


under the PATRIOT Act, it’s completely justifiable for federal agents armed to the teeth to spring into action and drag you, because of whoever is sitting next to you, off the plane, strip you naked, and put you in a jail cell indefinitely without a phone call, without a right to a lawyer, and without any information whatsoever about why you’re being detained. And they can legally keep you there for the rest of your life.

A Jewish-Arab American woman is suing a US airline and the federal Transportation Security Administration for removing her from an airplane and strip-searching her.

A SWAT team forcibly removed Hebshi, 36, an American citizen who lives in Ohio, and two Indian men in handcuffs from Frontier Airline flight 623 after it landed on September 11, 2011 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. She was held for hours, questioned and strip searched.
A fellow passenger had accused the three of acting suspiciously. Hebshi did not know the Indian men, who reportedly were sitting in her row.