Jim Carrey is dumb and dumber


I never liked Jim Carrey and now I have more reasons to not like him. What an idiot!

» Elder: Jim Carrey — Not ‘Dumb & Dumber,’ Just Ignorant » Commentary – GOPUSA


I like one of the comments on the link. It said something like: “Jim Carrey’s DVDs put up a gallant fight, but my paper shredder won out…”


The funniest thing he’s ever done was crawl naked out of the ass of a rino. It was one of the Ace Ventura movies. I won’t be sending him any more of my money either, that’s for sure.


Ewwwwww!!! Gosh that’s nasty! :sick: :Thud:


I never dug Jim Carey. He did some funny bits on In Living Color and the Mask was ok. Besides that, Eh.


I loved “In Living Color”! Damon Wayans is one of the funniest guys I’ve seen. He is supposed to be very sweet in real life, too. Always liked David Allen Griers, too. I loved it when he and Damon played the two gay guys! Too funny!!