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And running for President in 2016.

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*"At present we are 11 members away for 500 members. this is a very good start that we can biild from.

A sad truth.

There are over 200 million eligible voters in this country. Every election year less than 35% of them actually bother to go to the polls and vote. That means that the last 7 Presidents have been elected into office by about 12 to 18% of the eligible voters in this country.

A reality. there is absolutely no reason why we cannot get over 60 million people to come to my Fan Page and Like it. All they really need is a reason and to be told about what we are doing. We are mobilizing people to get active in this country’s political and fundamental future. We are making a difference already as more and more people vidsit my Fan Page and hit the LIKE button. Very soon whenever I speak it will not be me by myself who is doing the speaking. It will be over 60 MILLION of us talking with one voice and YES our political leaders will hear us and YES they will listen to what we have to say. No more being ignored and treated as if our voice does not matter. No more working to get something done only to learn that our enemies in the Congress have more clout than we do. With over 60 million members we will be in the drivers seat dictating to our Congress and OUR President (yes Obama needs to be taught his place) exactly what they are going to do and YES exactly how they are going to do it.

In other words we are out to put the real POWER back in the hands of the PEOPLE and NOT in the hands of a select bought and paid for politicians. AND YES we can and we will do this with everybody working together. We are at WAR with our own government and it is about time we started acting accordingly.

It is time to talk about our health care. The DoD has just released plans to scale back TriCare for retired military personnel and their dependents. Social Security is cutting back on benefits to our seniors along with additional cuts to their Medicare. There are currently things in the works within the Department of Veterans Affairs that are going to severely restrict our health care due to ObamaCare.

We CANNOT afford to remain complacent any longer. We have got to get UNITED and organized. The National Veterans Organizations are all on board with what is about to happen and ObamaCare. If we fail to UNITE and get organized then we will have nobody else to blame but ourselves.

I have heard it several time now. What good will it do us to work to get you your over 60 million members. First off when I talk with our elected representatives my over 60 million member go with me. When I tell our elected government representative we want our RIGHT to Home town Health care and true Article iii Judicial Review of ALL Department decisions I am talking with the voice of OVER 60 MILLION members.

That is where the clout is.

If you agree? Get ACTIVE by joining our movement to save the Constitution and the Republic it created by go to my Fan Page and LIKE it.

So please help yourself by helping Jim Hayden reach 60 million LIKES. Then get ACTIVE by Sharing, Copying and Pasting Jim’s posts where ever you feel it appropriate and encourage your friends, families and strangers to do likewise.

Thank you for your support.


Jim Hayden in 2016**"
That’s funny, because even Obama only has 35 million likes. Kudos for having a strong message though.




Wasn’t God’s plan for him to be elected in 2012 despite not being on the ballot in any state?? When did God say…“4 more years for BHO Jim…Wait your turn??” LOL…what a trip. I love that his 2016 campaign is hosted at jimhayden2012.org!! Nothing like saying “LOSER” in your URL!!


He was going to be elected in 2008 - well, maybe, “next president” would be right, because Obama is still president . . .


I like Jim. I wish he’d visit us more often. No, I don’t agree with everything he’s about, but at least he is making an attempt at actually doing something.


Is that like giving kids trophy’s for participating??


I don’t not know much about Hayden, but I gotta say that having to join FaceBook to know what your representatives are up to annoys the living daylights out of me.
And to claim how popular you or your movement is by the number of “Likes” you get sounds a tad shallow to me.


No, that’s what you get for posting on a forum. He actually gets a number to pin on his shirt.

Like his positions or not, he made a run to get on the ballot.


Actually…he didn’t …he made an internet page and spammed some bullitin boards and gave new meaning to the phrase tin foil hat… but by all means invite him back to make his case again. He makes more sense than some around here AND he at least, has been getting treatment! :smiley:


This is my guy