Jindal's out...


And The Donald was here last night.

Donald Trump strikes a chord in Knoxville - News Sentinel Story

Trump stirs Knoxville crowd with lively speech

The narrative in the MSM here is, apparently, that we here in TN are undecided. I am still leaning Huckabee, but does anybody think Jindal withdrawing will make any kind of motion in the polls?


Jindal’s a very good man. Much better than Trump. What a shame.


Must you keep taking cheap shots at the man? The sole reason I mentioned the coverage here was to show that the apparent narrative is that we are “undecided.”


Who is cheap? Me? Jindal? Not Donald?


Lindsey Grahamnesty is not better than Trump (Kasich is not either)


Why does it matter? Trump makes cheap shots at Carson and Fiorina. He’s certainly not running on being respectable in any case.

“Better” is academic in that comparison. They’re all bad in their own way, and I wouldn’t vote for any of them.

Jindal makes 2. I’m now down to my 3rd choice, but I was sort of living at it anyway considering how lackluster Jindal has been at the polls.


Jindal did not have enough support for his exit to make much difference, but what he did have was Conservative so I doubt any of the Establishment Candidates will pick up any Jindal supporters.

This is shaping up to be a strange cycle, the 3 who have dropped out (Walker, Perry and Jindal) were all wooing Conservatives so the remaining Conservative candidates get stronger as they drop out; usually the Conservatives hang on while the Statist candidates drop out early to shore up the Establishment pick.

Backwards is good.


No surprise, of course, but still disappointing. Of the candidates seen as primarily appealing to TEA party conservatives, Jindal had the most experience, the most intellectual heft, and (by far) the most potential appeal in a general election.


Good man and I really liked him. He never had a chance with Cruz in the race, because they literally have the same voting bloc. Naturally they will coalesce behind the person in the lead (not to mention the person who announced first). Most Cruz supporters want Jindal for VP. It would be a powerful ticket.


Middle tier VP material…