Job Performance Not Obama's Strong Suit


Just a recap of a few of the many times the current administration has been derelict in performing its duty or outright defiant. It is not the President’s place to pick and choose which laws they will enforce. This administration has done this to an unprecedented level. Image if this new standard is applied going forward. Each succeeding president then ignores all laws passed by their political opponents and issues their own edicts.

Broke Two Treaties with US Allies over missile defense

[URL=]Refuses to defend DOMA passed by congress and signed by President Clinton

Refuses to prosecute drug laws that Obama does not agree with

Ignores current immigration law, legislative process and creates his own “Dream Act”

Refuses to cooperate with Arizona after losing immigration law case before Supreme Court

Direct attack on 1st Amendment’s religious liberty

Imposed an illegal drilling ban in the Gulf of Mexico

Refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister