Joe Biden Displays Transgender Flags at the White House

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about this country’s decent into total immorality?

Joe Biden Displays Transgender Flags at the White House to Celebrate ‘Day of Visibility’

Totally agree, the way some people get completely triggered by a simple flag really demonstrates the decay of American values.

So… that would include the star & bars?

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So, do you think it was appropriate? If so, why?

It was the international day of visibility, so it was a nice thing to do. I struggle a lot more to see the problem with showing support to a group of citizens who ask for support on that day.

Biden will bend over backward to get the votes of any alternative lifestyle group. I don’t have a problem with gays, lesbians and transgender people as long as they don’t ask for special privileges from the government, like hiring and promotion quotas, and they reframe from recruiting young children to be like them and join their group.

The trouble with Biden is that he treats average, hard working people like dirt. He is determined to raise taxes though the roof, take their property and force them to live the way far left Democrats want them to live.

Biden is a liar and a total disaster. He ran as a moderate and rules like a communist. He has no respect for the rights of people who did not support him. He makes Trump look like a uniter.

So far Biden has been worse that James Buchanan, whom most historians regard as the worst president in history.

I’m curious as to what an “Alternative Lifestyle Group” is. Basically I think it boils down to is:

“I don’t like 'em”.

You don’t like 'em - take it up with the Chairman of Alternative Lifestyles You Don’t Like ™.

And if a group of neo Nazis asked for support? Or those who wanted (as Alaska Slim alluded to) wanted him to fly the stars and bars? Or the Christian flag?

Transgendered people

One of these things is not like the others

As for christians, while they have no flag, they fly the state flags daily, and a few of them say “in God we trust” which is also the national motto. I’m pretty sure they’re covered.


power to the people fist

I’m not seeing how it deviates from your premise.

The way people are reacting to the Stars & Bars today, is different from how they responded to it 20 years ago.

Equally, what it can mean has been intentionally flattened.

If you looked at it atop the General Lee during Dukes of Hazard, it would be silly to suggest it was there as a defense of slavery, or racial hierarchies.

And yet if someone tried today to use the flag in the way Dukes of Hazard did, what are the chances they would simply be decried as a rascist?

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1 Specifics, please.
2 Not the same thing. The Christian flag is a stand-alone thing, and under United States Code, the only one that can be flown above the U.S. flag.

1 flags of enemies in war vs transgendered people. We don’t put up confederate or Nazi flags for the same reason we don’t put up isis flags. This is not the same thing as something representing transgendered awareness, and if you don’t get that, I’m not sure how to explain it.

2 I learned something new today. I genuinely had no idea that there was a Christian flag. Hmm, something about the separation of church and state might fit here for why it’s not flown?

We’re not at war with the Confederacy at present, and we do put up flags of countries we’ve been at war with. Vietnam was a pretty big deal.

But this is a red herring anyway; this is not why people object to the Confederate Flag. It’s because it’s equivocated with racism.

Nuanced was flattened. The flag has been used to represent other things in our culture, but today you can’t do that because attitudes changed.

An it’s not because we’re on a patriotic loyalty kick, trying to weed out dissent.

C’mon we’re not at war with Nazis currently either, and Vietnam is a completely different regime then when we were at war. Vietnam is a complicated case as it is. Transgendered flags don’t represent any organized regime. Unless you hate trans people, seems pretty harmless to me.

2 things can be true

Nah, this is a rationalization you made on the spot, and I’m calling it.

Loyalty is not the reason it’s being objected to now; loyalty was a far bigger concern in previous eras than today and yet Dukes use of it was accepted without fanfare for decades.

Perception about the flag changed. Suddenly any adjacency to what is perceived as racist became unacceptable.

It’s a classic moral panic stressing purity.

Perception changed because people made an active effort to educate others on its background. People used to drink radiation water too. It was praised for it’s benefits. Then people learned more about it, and look at that, the perception changed.

People understood its background; that wasn’t the issue.

The issue is that the symbol has been re-racialized, after it had already evolved to represent something else.

That shows a society stymied by its past rather than making peace with and overcoming it.

The flag is not inherently dangerous; no one was harmed by watching Dukes of Hazard.

You could be by imitating the stunts, but that’s hardly the flag’s fault.

See though, in order for it to have been “re” racialized, that implies it was racialized in the first place. Therein lies the problem. It’s rooted in racism, and to a lot of people it still carries that symbolism. If you want to blame anyone for the disdain it carries, blame the white supremacists who love to fly it.