Joe Biden Displays Transgender Flags at the White House

Hadn’t in the mainstream for several decades.

Mainstream wasn’t interested in using it as a symbol for racism, and that’s not how people in the 1970s used it.

You can’t put the racializing on a handful of WS waivers; they’d always been there. They did not have the power to change how the mainstream perceived it.

That took activists, levelling a moral panic.

I gotta know then, to what end? Why would activists be against it? What’s the reason behind the “moral panic” in your mind?

I think most people are cool with this:

It’s this:

that’s an issue. Incidentally, you are misrepresenting the “Stars and Bars”. FYI former, not latter.

EDIT: some food for thought:

The “It’s just the Army of Northern Virginia” claim is missing context. It was developed as the national flag to start with; and later was adopted within the 2nd and 3rd versions.

Why? Because it was trying harder to be different than Old Glory.

Finding out racism still exists when we’ve spent two generations hoisting it as the greatest evil.

Finding out fatal Police violence against minorities still happens even 40 years post the Civil Rights acts of the 1960s.

It’s righteous mind thinking, equipped with a single tool for taking apart why bad things happen, or how racism at any level could still exist.

I’m confused, those all seem like good things to keep working on because we’re clearly not done yet. What’s the problem?

There is a problem when men, who still have their parts, insist on using women’s restrooms and showers. There is a problem when transgender people insist on competing in women’s sports. It’s not fair.

But the transgender people insist on this, and left does not have the courage or decency to tell them, “NO.” The left has to be monolith to force its views down everyone’s throats. If that involves taking away women’s rights, so be it. Controlling all human behavior, except abortion, is absolutely required for the left.

1 Not all enemies are in war. Transgenderism is a socio-political ideology that lets fly in the face of science, morality, common sense, and safety.
2 Show me in the Constitution where it compels “separation of church and state.” Here’s a hint: It isn’t the 1st Amendment (nor anywhere else that I’ve seen). The 1st Amendment only precludes Congress from making a law respecting an establishment of religion (the original issue was the government-endorsed Church of England (in England)); not the religion itself. Just because the courts have misinterpreted it- or disinterpreted it- doesn’t mean that disinterpretation reflects the reality of what the Constitution says.

3 “Educate?” What’s educational about pretending that transgenderism isn’t harmful to society, but the Confederate flag is as toxic as plutonium?

Well, crud…

Yeah that.

Please elaborate on how transgendered people’s existence is “harmful to society”

Transgendered people are not “harmful to society” if they recognize the rights of others. When a man still has his original genitals, he has no place in at woman’s restroom. Do “normal people” have any rights @gene? You are totally concerned about what the transgendered person feels and don’t care about the feelings of “normal people.” They can be embarrassed and maybe even harassed if the “transgendered” is a pervert who gets off going into the women’s restroom.

I have huge problem with transgendered men who get into women’s sports. Female, just like male athletes, have to train hard to succeed. Why is it fair for a transgendered male, who has had testosterone pumping into his body for years, participate in women’s sports and beat them because of his biological advantage? Why should he-she take scholarship money away from natural female athletes?

Now I will really get you angry. I am totally against these men who join the military to get free transgender treatment. The military is for our national defense, not for some man who wants to become a woman. That is not the purpose of the military.

If, after they have had the sexual reorientation surgery, that they decided to join the military, I have no problems so long as they are psychologically fit service.

I think that my positions are far more liberal than those of most conservatives, but that does not matter to “progressives.” For them, you have to tow the line on every issue, or you are a bigot.

I disagree; the actual problem outlined in the 1960s has been responded to and dealt with; actual unapologetic racism and laws upholding segregation.

We met the problem, but didn’t get the expectation of being free of bad or harsh outcomes.

So the focus has instead turned to crypticracism, where we’re scrutinizing words for offense no one intends, and onto failings of social or civil systems which are always given a racialized explanation if it produces visible minority victims.

Anti-racism has one tool set for taking problems apart and leaves other explanations to languish.

I’ve gone over this before, but okay. Perverts in women’s restrooms just because they claim to identify as female. Puberty blockers and surgery being pushed for kids. Teaching people that science doesn’t mean that XX chromosomes equals female, and XY equals male. Teaching people not to love themselves for who they are. Men claiming to be women competing in women’s sports (and the hypocrisy of the left in claiming to be championing women’s rights).

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I just want to see the furry flag above the White House or all of this isn’t inclusive

Democrats are the party of evil