Joe Biden Misled Everyone About Wife's Death, Blamed Innocent Man for Years

He smeared the truck driver for years.


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Biden’s entire life is one lie and stupid statement after another, I have called him “Biff from Back to the Future incarnate” since I first saw the movie :wink:


Joe Biden is a textbook psychopath, Washington DC, specifically the senate, is full of psychopaths, they do not become traumatized because some family member(s)turn up dead, they simply twist the event to their advantage!

This event has been known for decades, the entire media machine knew he was shopping the corpses of his wife and daughter for votes, that he was slandering the crap out of the trucker!

Biden’s wife was proven to have been the responsible party for the accident and they never called him out on it!

It was the most brazen, and despicable piece of political exploitation done by anyone in modern American political history, and the media never called him out on it!

Exactly, that is why I just laugh when a Leftist feigns moral outrage about something; they quite literally serve no code that would object to any measure of evil if it serves their immediate desire.