Joe Biden running for the U.S. Senate

Biden to South Carolina Voters

OK, so tell us Joe, if elected who is going to be C.I.C./C.E.O. of the United States? Your wife? The yet to be named VP? The DNC?

Back in 1962, Richard Nixon told California voters that he was “running for Governor of the United States … I mean California.” Nixon was looking to stay relevant after he lost in 1960. He lost that race and people figured that he was “dead politically.”

Nixon came back in 1968, but Joe is too old for that. He was missing a few stories on his elevator when he was running 30 years ago, but it’s really embarrassing now. The voters need to tell Joe that it’s time to retire.


If he is the nominee…the debate between the president and old joe is gonna be a hoot.

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