Joe Biden’s Delta Covid Hypocrisy

Mask up! Socially distance! Threaten more lock-downs!

Life in hell with Covid is upon us again. And yet Joe Biden supports the biggest super speader event of them all - his continuing southern open border policy which is allowing thousands of Covid infected people come into the United States.

If the crisis is this bad, the border should be closed PERIOD. Yet Biden continues to let the illegals cross the border under the excuse that “We have to let the kids in.”

He knows darn well that the illegal immigrants know that. All they need to do is grab a kid, any kid, and that’s their ticket passed the guards.

If Biden expects us to take him seriously, he needs enact policies that show he’s serious, but he hasn’t and he won’t. Border towns have now had to put up tent hospitals to take care of the infected illegal aliens.

The Federal Government won’t do anything about them. In fact, the Federal Government is making it worse. There are now photos of hundreds of illegal immigrants packed into small spaces, spreading the disease.

Biden don’t care. He’s getting more Democrat voters into the U.S. to enhance the power of the people who control him. He’s the ultimate hypocrite and the ultimate mindless puppet.

If the history of this period is written honestly, Biden will go down as the worst U.S. president in history.

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I think he will BE the worst president in history, but he won’t “go down” as that. For now and forever thanks to the media no matter WHAT he does he will ALWAYS be hailed as the messiah. In the minds of democrats, illegal aliens spreading covid is necessary collateral damage. As with all things lefty, selective outrage is the order of the day.

But if the media reported one even ONE republican passing covid to ANYBODY… it would be the equivalent to 10 hiroshimas. Worse.

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Yeah that.

No vaccine mandate for illegals.
20% positive according to leaked WH document.

They are actually trying to spike the numbers by scattering illegals into cities in Texas and elsewhere. Blame red state governors for any outbreaks.

The regime’s virus strategy is not incompetence, it is deliberately EVIL.


The Biden administration has a vested interest in keeping the pandemic going. It gives them cover for more of their outrageous spending bills, and it keeps their Republican opposition off-balance. It also deflects attention from the failures of their policies.

The Covid viruses are the best campaign workers the Democrats have.

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I’ve said this for the past couple years now; the democrats LOVE covid it’s literally their golden ticket.

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