Joe Biden to the rescue


I have been reading several stories about the upcoming Vice-Presidential debate and while most people think Biden will be his usual gaff prone self there are a few who think that Biden will save Obama’s behind because of his brilliance .

You can guess that I am one of those who think Biden is a fool and I expect Biden to try to demonize Ryan and spend most of his time with false flag attacks and democrat fabricated “facts”.

As usual I will see the blowback after the debates because I long ago stopped watching them because they were predictable and dog and pony shows. One advantage of the internet now is one can view snippets without the usual playing around that is prevalent.

This is off topic but years ago when I decided to stop watching things like this was when I watched a State of the Union speech and then the democrat rebuttal to it. I was totally amazed because their talking points have little to do with the actual speech as if they did not even listen to it or had a copy before hand. I was totally disgusted.


I didn’t hear it, but Mike was the listening to the radio today, and he heard something about Biden would have to overcome Obama’s lapses (not the right word, I think, but close). Mike laughed aloud, said he had enough problems of his own to overcome.


Get ready for the most outragous accusations and lies ever heard in a debate!! I’m bringing popcorn and soda pop to this one.
Biden knows no limits. He went to the dark side years ago.


Biden is a pro: 36 YEARS in Congress and now nearly 4 as VP…boy is packing 40 years of fighting exp. Best bet on Biden is you let his mouth overload. Give him the bait then let him run with it…give him a LOT of line then jerk back on the rod and watch him flop. Biden is another HUGE HUGE EGO man. He likes to dumb down his his talk in ‘blue collar’ tones, just 'bammy boy likes to spew ebonics when he goes with his bros.

Give’um rope and they swing from it…


Someone tweeted today that Ryan is busy studying CBO projections while Biden is stuck in the circular slide at McDonalds.

I don’t expect any Biden gaffes…though a couple would be nice…but I do expect Ryan will be ready to throw back whatever curveballs Biden launches for effect.


Stay cool and play the bait game we have a couple of pro’s here who could teach Ryan a thing or two. get Biden excited and he’ll blow lunch before the first question is over.


Give Biden MORE time to talk. Biden given more time is like giving a supply to a junkie, he will overdose, hang himself and commit the gaffe. Biden’s mouth is a lot faster this brain.


And Biden crushed him.

Gotta say, I was not expecting that. Even Sarah Palin said it was like “watching a musk ox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot.”


[quote=“Caudipteryx, post:8, topic:36505”]
And Biden crushed him.

Gotta say, I was not expecting that. Even Sarah Palin said it was like “watching a musk ox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot.”
[/quote]Delusional. The only thing he won, was the Liars contest. Ryan was not without fault in that matter, but Biden Bold Faced Lied about many things. His disrespect is indicative of Liberals.
Most REASONABLE pundits, on both sides, said it was a draw. I personally thought Ryan won, because of his demeanor.
Either way, NO ONE CARES. They’re VP candidates. They don’t matter, much, but I’d rather have a very intelligent kid with facts, than an out of control heckler, should the POTUS not be able to perform his duties.


[quote=“Caudipteryx, post:8, topic:36505”]
And Biden crushed him.

[/quote]:coffee_spray: yep that is why your messiah has slipped more in the polls


Why did I suspect there was something more to Gov. Palin’s muskox comment that what Caudi “quoted”? Here’s the context, courtesy of NewsMax:

“Really tough [debate] format, Sean, for someone like Paul Ryan, or anyone else up against Joe Biden, when the moderator allowed one candidate to absolutely run roughshod over the conversation, over the opponent,” the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“It reminded me,” she added, “of watching a muskox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot. And in this case, when it came to style, it was Paul Ryan underfoot because of the moderator allowing Biden to do interrupting, to kind of take control of the conversations.”

Not quite the meaning Caudi attached to the remark … in fact her meaning was very different … not that I was surprised. As for Gov. Palin’s actual view of who did better in the debate, from the paragraph before what I quoted:

Sarah Palin appeared to be somewhat unsure about who won the vice presidential debate Thursday night, but said Paul Ryan did a better job than Vice President Joe Biden of delivering substance over rhetoric in what she described as a “tough format” for the young congressman.

So, Caudi … did you take Gov. Palin out of context? Or did you get the out-of-context quote from a site like MediaMatter or ThinkProgress or DU?

I didn’t watch the debate, but the impression I’ve gotten is that Rep. Ryan might have done more to counter-aggress Biden and Raddatz, but that would have muddled viewers’ ability to recognize what a clownish jerk Biden was being. This being baseball playoff season, Biden needed to hit a solid double or better (after Obama’s the-clothes-have-no-emperor debate performance), but seemed instead to hit a pop-foul out of play.


No, I read the rest of that. I know she blamed the moderator for it (of course), but she still said Ryan was like a guy being trampled under a musk ox, and I agree.

Edit: Here’s the full debate. As Exhibit A, look at what happened in the minute or so starting with the moderator question at 0:37:30:

Ryan’s “prominent Senator from Oregon” turned out to be Senator Ron Whyden. This is how he responded to Ryan’s claims of their supposed partnership:

Biden is right — Ryan did work with former OMB director Alice Rivlin and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on his Medicare plan but both have distanced themselves from the final proposals, saying they did not reflect their agreements. BusinessWeek reported that Wyden said that Ryan is “talking nonsense” about their partnership.

Update, 12:29 a.m. Sen. Ron Wyden took to Facebook to refute the Romney-Ryan Medicare plans: “The Wyden-Ryan white paper strengthened the safety net for these dual eligibles. The Romney/Ryan version shreds it. The [R]epublican ticket knows that neither I, nor any other Democrat, would support these policies.”

Fact Check: Ryan allies on Medicare

Watching the debate, my fiance pointed out how strange it was for Ryan not to mention Whyden by name, only describing him with the words, “Our partner is a prominent Democratic Senator from Oregon.” Odd choice of words, right? After all, there are only two Senators from Oregon. Maybe Ryan didn’t want to say who the Senator was, because doing that would make it easier for fact-checkers to identify what he was saying as a lie. In any case, they weren’t needed. Biden came prepared and called him out before the lie had even finished exiting his mouth. He called him a liar and laughed in his face, and poor Ryan didn’t have a response (not because the moderator didn’t let him respond, but because there was nothing he could say). I’ve never seen a guy mauled by a musk ox, but it probably looks something like that.


Ah, so the reinterpreting of Gov. Palin’s words about Biden’s rudeness to mean that she said that Ryan was defeated by Biden was by you. Not very honest, especially since it took fact-checking your claim to get you to acknowledge the reinterpretation.


Hope for the sake of fairness that you check the quotes that may be taken out of context by those people on this forum that are conservatives as well. But you’re a moderator so I’m sure you will.


I didn’t reinterpret anything. I fully agree with Palin’s description of what Ryan looked like—a guy being trampled under a musk ox. Whether I agree with her explanation of why that happened is another matter, and of course, I don’t. She’s going to look for a way to blame the moderator, defend Ryan, etc. That’s her job.


Biden won if his goal was to show America what democrats are really like, incompetent, loud and buffoonish with no respect for truth or the Office of the Presidency and incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions.

I certainly call that a win for America!
I was very pleased at the results of that debate.


Personally, I would love to see more debates like this, regardless of who wins. I don’t care much if someone is “rude” and “disrespectful”, as long as they tell the truth. Politics is a bloodsport. You get in there and break the other guy’s nose. That’s how it should be. It’s only if you get your nose broken that you have to complain about how rude and disrespectful the other guy was.

In future debates, I wish they’d the crap about being respectful of each other, calling each other “my friend”, hugging before and after, etc. They’re not friends and they shouldn’t have to pretend to be friends for the cameras.


Pete, not thinking you are a young guy, if your pic is anything like you then you got a rodeo or two under your saddle blanket. I did not know what a Liberal was when I stepped off the plane in SEATAC airport that cold night in 1967. It took years to learn and a lot more encounters with liberals. Now in 2012 I can tell you, I know, I have seen…

Never met a liberal that honesty was a personal trait

never met a liberal that was not a bigot


[quote=“17Oaks, post:18, topic:36505”]
never met a liberal that was not a bigot
[/quote]Under their veneer they are bigots to the core. Liberals talk about equality and behind closed doors speak the truth when they think not one will know.


Pete, not thinking you are a young guy, if your pic is anything like you then you got a rodeo or two under your saddle blanket.

It’s a pic of me, taken spring this year, and I haven’t been a young guy for quite while. If your rodeo comment was literal, I was raised on a farm - crops not livestock - but have worked in electronics since early in Carter’s MalAdministration. If metaphorical, and guessing at your meaning, I’ve been around Internet news and politics discussion forums since 1998.