Joe DiGenova – Russians Actually Showed Up


Russians showed up in court to fight Mueller’s indictment. Mueller says he’s not ready. Judge tells Mueller, “too bad”.

Mueller threw out some outrageous challenge knowing that nobody would meet his challenge because they’re in Russia and they don’t have to. They called his bluff by loading up a plane full of lawers and showing up!


Now the FUN begins. Mueller “indicted” people he “KNEW” would never show up in court so he could protect his info on them. One shows up and demands we start “discovery” which will show that he had NO GROUNDS for seeking indictments in the first place—and show that the “indictments” were as phony as “I did not have sex…etc.” Mueller did this to show the media that he HAD discovered “collusion” without ever having to PROVE it.


This is hilarious. Mueller either has to allow disclosure of all relevant evidence or forfeit the case entirely.