Joe Klein: "Bigoted" If You Don't Think Obama's Intelligent


More playing of the race card by progressives. Seriously, what is their obsession with race?


Nothing else to defend him on.their leg tingle is turning into a waterfal.


And I’m willing to bet that not just conservatives are growing over-tired of the lameness of it all.


If you disagree with Obama:

you are a bigot

If you think Obama’s policies are flawed:

you are a bigot

If you think that Obama made/makes a poor choice in Attorney General

you are a double bigot (because Holder is supposed to be black)

If you think that Obama lied about the Libyan embassy bombing

you are a bigot.

I could put more, but suffice to say if you think ANYTHING, not approved of by Obama you are a bigot.


Just remember, the race card is the last card in the deck…

O’bammy why would anyone think he is not intelligent. The world if full of intelligent folks, Hitler, Marx and the jails of America have no shortage, but are they smart?


It’s not his intelligence, it’s his ideology and religion that scares the hell out of me. If that make me a racist, Ill wear the label proudly.

Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’