Joe The Plumber Dead 2012


I found this interesting.


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I found this interesting.

[/quote]So very true


That’s depressing.


I could produce 20 of these videos from just my friends, every time I hear some college kid say that politics don’t matter enough to be any more important than an interesting debate when they are drinking these are the stories that run through my mind.

Real people with real families who did real jobs and lose real homes and real security while some Public Employee Union complains about being asked to pay another 2 percent toward their taxpayer guaranteed retirement.

Liberals declared war on the private sector a long time ago, the only reason they are winning is because most Conservatives refuse to accept their declaration of war and instead keep claiming that the Liberals “mean well but are naive”.

Liberals know exactly what they are doing, that is why they are winning. Liberals see the private sector as dogs to be slaughtered and they don’t get tangled up worrying about the victims, every story like this woman’s is a victory notch on their handle and worthy of a toast to victory.


US Liberals really aren’t Liberals at all. They are Marxists. The Democrat party is the vehicle driving their power.


Some Liberals are well-meaning but naive. But those whom they are following are not.


Democrat > Liberal > Extreme Liberal > LibTard (Liberal Retard)

Here on RO there are few Democrats, couple of Liberals and the rest are LibTards


Hahahaha, awesome bumper sticker.

Re-electing Obama is like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

Sad and unsurprising story :sad: