John Bolton agrees with AOC. Who knew?

John Bolton is getting $2 million for his “tell all” book. He says that Trump “is unfit to be President.” That lines him up with AOC and the rest of the Democrats. After years of thinking that this guy had some integrity, we now know that he had a price … two million dollars to sell out.

Once this is over, I hope he enjoys his money. No one is going to respect him. The Democrats hated his guts for years. The Republicans will not take back a traitor. He clearly has no honor since he knows who will control the government if Trump loses. Maybe he has been a “Scoop Jackson Democrat” all along.

Maybe he will join the Bush Family Party of disgusting RINOs who take people’s faith in them and flush it down the toilet. John Roberts is another example of the Bush Family selling us out. Only Eisenhower’s appointment of Earl Warren exceeds it.

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While I agree, as do most Dems, that he’s a sell out, does that make his opinions wrong? I mean, when you add the weight of former Gen Kelly, Gen Mattis, Former Secretary of State and now Bolton. All men HAND pickled by Trump (ya know “only the best people”).

But they are all wrong, all shilling for the Dems, part of the Deep State, right?

These are the lies you tell yourself to avoid having to come to terms about being wrong about Trump. Who he is and what he has (or hasn’t as it were) accomplished.

Like this:

HAHAHAHA, I mean really, I really did laugh pretty good at that one. The idea that you could say that with a straight face. I can’t stand Bolton, never liked the man. I think less of him now because he chose money over being a patriot, but that doesn’t make what he’s saying wrong.

Do you even know who “Scoop” Jackson was?

You do get off on showing me complete disrespect don’t you? Well, you get back what you give.

Are we peers all of a sudden? I mean, do you have any idea how disrespectful it is for you to write my opinion out for me in your posts? To talk at me, not with me?

So respect works both ways, my friend.


For those who might not know, the late “Scoop” Jackson was a senator from Washington State who was a super hawk for the defense contractors who operated in his state. He made sure they got lots of government money. He was super hawk on Vietnam and pretty well towed the Lyndon Johnson line. He died unexpectedly one morning after giving an interview to the press.

While I agree it’s all about the Benjamins, he never was really on the team. Opposed withhdrawal from Afghanistan and Syria. Pissed off that Trump didn’t go to war over the drone being shot down by Iran. He never met a war he didn’t like. Trump is effectively using economic pressure together with force projection by rebuilding the military. He will go to war if attacked.


I was never of this opinion. He’s been shilling for war with Iran non-stop for at least two decades.

Bolton thinks Trump is unfit to be president because he’s so resistant to war. As evidence, he cites a time where Trump called off bombing an Iranian target because they estimated it would kill 150 civilians.

Trump is the most anti-war president we’ve had in a long time. Carter at a minimum, and maybe going back to Coolidge.

The fact that Bolton, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush all hate Trump is a pure plus in my view.