John Brennan blasts Trump's 'sociopathic ramblings,' denies participating in a 'coup'



He must of thought that we had forgotten …

A Reply to Ronald Radosh’s Smear

By Victor Davis Hanson

(Then There’s This)

Obama should fire John Brennan

Washington Post


lying old bastard. He betrayed his oath of office, the constitution and the American people.


Well, yeah. Thats what swamp rats do.


Surprise, surprise, a Communist Moslem documented liar (under oath) is lying again.

My hope:

Predawn SWAT raid to arrest him and search for evidence.

Speedy Trial.

Conviction on Treason and a host of other felonies.


Great Day of the Rope.


Heh, angry mobs with pitchforks and torches are a far more likely way for him to get his O.D. (NOT endorsing the proposal). The Justice System… isn’t.


I know he has a history with The Establishment but I haven’t given up on Barr … yet.


After I heard that Brennan voted Communist in 1976, I knew that he had no business taking charge of our national security. When I was in college, the students who did that were the hardcore extremists.