John McCain - A Parting Comment


I was blown away - in a negative sense - by the pomp and circumstance of a full week of the state funeral accorded John McCain. One would have thought a sitting president had passed away. The only thing missing in the John McCain “love fest” was a caisson processional down Pennsylvania Avenue.

As near as I can tell, the only distinguishing personal characteristics possessed by John McCain were mediocrity, stubbornness and stupidity. Without his grandfather and father each being an Admiral and providing him the opportunity for a legacy appointment it is unlikely McCain would have ever been accepted to the Naval Academy. He was, of course, undistinguished there, having graduated 5th from the bottom of his graduating class.

As someone who was around for McCain’s entire political career it strikes me that his singular claim to fame was being shot down in Vietnam, spending 5+ years in captivity in Hanoi and admirably refusing the offer of release - a release which would have provided a propaganda coup for the North Vietnamese. For that, I give John McCain a full measure of credit.

Unfortunately for us all, McCain was able to ride that notoriety straight into Congress where he proved, aside from his support of our military, to be a thin-skinned prick for the next 35+ years. I’ve always felt the damage to his arms either occurred during ejection from his plane or as a result of his constantly screwing his party and a large portion of the electorate by reaching across the aisle to embrace his comrades in the Democrat Party.

In my opinion, his legislative career was best summed up in his last official act on the floor of the Senate - after falling ill, making a dramatic, self-focused return to Washington in order to do one thing - to deliver the decisive vote - a thumbs down at 2 AM on the Obamacare repeal and replace bill crafted by his fellow Republicans. An act hailed by Democrats.

It was no accident that more Democrats than Republicans lined the tarmac at Andrews when the plane carrying John McCain’s remains landed in Washington.

I find no joy in the passing of John McCain. However, I look forward to a Senate without him.

All this said, honestly, I would not have walked across the street to meet the SOB!!


I always admired John McCain, but I think I did because I believed all the lies about him. It was clear at his funeral that he had deep-seated hatred for Trump and other conservatives. His daughter used his funeral to give a political hate speech against Trump. It seems the whole family has brain problems. RIP.


John who?


McCain reminded me of a dog my family had when I was a child. We lived on a farm, and while we were tending to an aunt who had lost her husband in a accident, the dog got very friendly with those who owned a neighboring farm. When we got home the dog spent as much time there as he did with us. “He forgot where his home is,” was the way my mother put it.

That was John McCain. He forgot where his home was and who gave their money to support his campaigns. He was always talking about “reaching across the aisle.” All the while the Democrats were laughing up their sleeves about how this old fool who gave his support to them and got nothing of political substance in return.

McCain’s last vote on the repeal of the Obama health care bill was the last straw for me. After Trump courted him and asked for his support, he went out and made a big show of casting the deciding vote to keep Obama Care. He knew how much the repeal of that bill met to the Republican Party, and yet he had to march out with his thumb triumphantly down. If he had had any class, he should have cast the vote with as little fanfare as possible if that was the way he felt. But no, he had to rub our noses in it.

After that the celebration of his life could not end soon enough for me. If he had not cast that deciding vote, all of those Democrats who were there singing his praises would not have been there. All of that main stream news media coverage would not have happened. They would have dug a political hole and put him in it, just like they would do for any other Republican senator or congressman.


Not so sure they wouldn’t have lionized him anyway. He was, after all, a kindred soul with the Democrat Party. His only disagreement with them was over military adventurism. He favored it, while they didn’t. He wasn’t all that supportive of veterans, even though technically he WAS one.


After he refused early release there is scant evidence that he ever acted on a motivation of “service” to anyone but himself up to and including his self orchestrated “Kings Funeral”.

I honor the exemplary character he displayed by his willingness to refuse early release from his POW captivity, I equally condemn the deplorable character he displayed as a petty, lying, corrupt, self serving United States Senator for every moment that he was there.

“The gang of 8” has lost their leader and several other members, time will eventually insure that they all are relegated to the dustbin of forgotten history.


It wasn’t “exemplary character” that caused him to refuse early release. It was abject FEAR of what his own Father would do to him if he took it…PLUS he was shrewd enough to understand that doing so–along with the other collaborators that were given early release–would forever doom his ambitions to enter politics after he left the Navy. And, he DID plan to leave the Navy and run for political office because he knew even then that his Navy career was kaput after getting shot down because he was too stupid to follow his orders to stay above 15,000 feet, the Forrestal incident, and because the Navy knew that he’d collaborated with the NVA forces in order to aid them in shooting down OTHER Navy bombing flights.


In addition to the democrats he will be sorely missed by…THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!


McCain has already been canonized by an establishment media desperate to destroy President Trump in any way it can, but in Egypt they’re not so worshipful. McCain “was the main supporter for the terrorist Brotherhood. Senator McCain was the one who opened up the Congress to the Brotherhood. He was the one arranging the meetings and appointments and providing them with protection.”

Remember that when Michele Bachmann called for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. government, McCain denounced her on the Senate floor as a bigot and an Islamophobe. There was no investigation.


Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s answer to all of the Mid East problems. Obama gave up practicing the Muslim religion because it would have thwarted his political ambitions, but he was a huge sympathizer for many of its goals. Obama’s main problem with the radical Muslims was that he disagreed with their tactics, but not their goals. Putting an end to the State of Israel was one of them.


If this refers to what has been called the “Forrest-fire,” I’ve heard this one, and having seen the film that showed the cause of the fire (a 5" Zuni rocket spontaneously firing from an unmanned parked aircraft into another), I dismiss this as a dime-a-dozen conspiracy theory. For that matter, I’ve never heard of those other claims, and they smell like the same thing. I didn’t like McCain, but I have plenty of verifiable reasons from his time in the Senate to justify that.


Witnesses (those that survived) say that McCain tried a “wet-start” with his afterburner engaged and the flame is what caused that Zuni rocket to “spontaneously fire” from an unmanned, parked aircraft directly BEHIND McCain’s.


Given the orientation of aircraft parked on a carrier (they would have to be facing in opposite directions or mostly so for the flame of the afterburner to ignite the Zuni), I find that hard to believe.


Wrong. The idle plane was parked directly behind McCain’s pointed in the same direction with the Zuni under it’s port-side wing. McCain was starting his engine in order to taxi to the launch catapult. A “wet start” with afterburners engaged causes a large flame as much as 25’ in length…easily enough to completely envelope the Zuni under the wing of the aircraft behind him igniting it. I’ve actually SEEN this done, though on the ground and not on the deck of an aircraft carrier where aircraft are parked much more compactly.


I saw NO evidence of flame in the film UNTIL the Zuni launched.


The fuel used at that time by US jet aircraft was essentially kerosene and alcohol which burn with a nearly invisible flame, FC. The Zuni uses a SOLID fuel which burns highly visibly.



Earlier jet fuels were kerosene-based, later naptha-based; they smell similar. Alcohol wasn’t involved at all, and jet flame is indeed quite visible; ever see a jet in afterburn? Even more so when the mixture isn’t ideal. Further, I recall no F-4 anywhere within “25’” ahead of the aircraft from which the Zuni launched.

Another thing is this: If there were anything to this, the left would have been all over it in the 2008 election season; they weren’t.


That’s easy to explain. The Navy has hushed up McCain’s culpability for decades now so as not to embarrass a rising political figure or this admiral father. No one has explained how someone who graduated almost at the bottom of his Annapolis class ever got into flight school in the first place. His father’s influence is the only logical explanation for that. Everyone forgets that he crashed three different planes after he got his wings and was considered to be considerably LESS than a competent pilot. McCain himself succeeded in having the negatives about his Navy service “classified” so the information could NOT be released publicly. He was shot down because he violated Navy protocols by diving down to the deck to attack his target instead of staying above 15,000 feet as he was ordered to do. Fact is, McCain was FAR from “heroic,” though he always WAS a “maverick” as his reputation indicated. That was because the man had no real “center” except, “What’s good for ME.”


And this made VISIBLE naptha flames invisible how? And they didn’t hide the film from the left. It wasn’t film of the accident; it was of the flight deck, which would have included McCain’s plane. I see no credibility to this whole thing. And every thing in this post of yours wasn’t in the leftist news. If there’d been an ounce of credibility to it, the left would have been all over it; look at Feinstein and that stupid attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation with that letter suggesting inappropriate relations with a like-aged girl when they were in high school.

Furthermore and obviously, this whole thing about McCain couldn’t have been “hushed up” that well, or you wouldn’t “know” about it…


BS, FC. The left, except when he opposed Obama, has PROTECTED McCain for his entire Senate career. He was, after all, a “principled conservative” meaning that he’d cave in to Democrat demands most of the time.