John McCain - A Parting Comment


Like they protected him in 2008? And their protection made VISIBLE naptha flames invisible in the flight deck footage?


C’mon, FC. FOCUS! Didn’t I just say that they protected him EXCEPT when he opposed Obama?


And guess what: When he opposed Obama, not a word from them about this alleged Forrest-fire conspiracy.


Did you ever wonder why, after that tragedy, the ONLY Forrestall pilot who left was McCain who was quietly transferred to another ship? It pays dividends to have an Admiral for a daddy apparently.


This answers the left not using this in the 2008 campaign how? Or the visibility of naptha flames (I’ve got pics in books of such, not just in the engines themselves; in one, an SR-71’s engines suffered a hiccup during a knife-edge pass at an airshow and made a pair of lovely fireballs; the other shows Aussie F-111s dumping fuel in flight (the jettison nozzle is located between the engine nozzles) and firing the afterburners to ignite it; big BRIGHT jets of flame; they did this routinely for show)?


There is a rumor that McCain was in such poor shape on the day of the turning over American POWs back to America from Vietnam because the night before his fellow POWs beat the everliving hell out of him for his numerous betrayals of them to their captors. If this is true, I commend those gentlemen that did this. Thank you Sirs.


I wish that Trump could ignore McCain and think about the 2020 election. Even if the guy did bad stuff, there are too many people who get upset when you criticize the dead. Why let McCain influence the next election? Just ignore him and talk about the great stuff that you have done over the last two and a half years.


Agreed, but I get particularly incensed when others (here and elsewhere) lionize the guy just because he died. He was a traitor to the country and especially to others of us who were in Vietnam during that war…particularly to his fellow POWs. He was THE “Republican” involved in the “Gang of 8” and he INTENTIONALLY attempted to overthrow the 2016 election by circulating that phony “dossier” invented by Hillary and Company. Finally, he cast the deciding vote in the Senate’s failed effort to do away with that simply horrendous “Obamacare” business, despite his own party’s efforts to take that monkey off the country’s back. As far as I’m concerned, he WON’T BE MISSED. He graduated in the bottom 5 out of 900 USNA graduates–and probably would never have gotten an appointment in the first place if his grandfather hadn’t been an admiral. He crashed and destroyed TWO expensive naval aircraft while training so probably should never have gotten his wings, his “wet-start” efforts resulted in the deaths of several sailors on the Forrestal, he sang like a bird to the North Vietnamese in violation of the Code of Conduct, he divorced his first wife after her auto accident because, in his words, “She isn’t pretty any longer,” then married a very wealthy woman who financed his political ambitions and his political career was fraught with corruption and back-stabbing. He was the epitome of the Peter principle and proof positive that you don’t have to be particularly intelligent to succeed in politics.


Erm… I’m glad he’s dead.
I had no use for the guy.
Yeah, I said it.


where do you find the damn quote function.


The president did not start this conversation about the rat McCain. The media started it. All he’s doing is giving them an answer to their questions…and in my opinion he was holding back.

I am glad to know for sure that the white trash McCain family did not even have the decency to say A FREAKING THANK YOU to this president for the honor he bestowed on so unworthy a man as McStain.

I repeat. This man lied to his constituency and he betrayed the American people every time the opportunity presented itself. He conspired with democrats, and stuck his finger in the eye of the republican party repeatedly.

Note that the media only trots out other media types and never-trump political ‘elites’ to shower McStain with praise. They won’t ask normal everyday americans what they think of McCain because they dare not. Neither do they ask McCain’s fellow POWs…nor do they ask anyone who served at the same time about the guy’s service. WITH GOOD REASON.

Whenever the left lionizes an alleged right winger…time to ask yourself why.


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The media always loved McCain. Long before he was Trump opposition leader, the media loved him. Who did the media promote 24/7 in 2008 for the primaries? Was it Duncan Hunter? Fred Thompson? Mike Huckabee? Heck, even Rudy Guiliani or Mitt Romney? Nope. McCain train all the way.

Yes, they favored Obama in the general, but consider how McCain’s campaign was treated compared to Romney or Bush - and both Romney and Bush were friendly with the D.C. media/establishment.

Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Hermain Cain - those are examples of how the media treats people who are not supported by the MSM.


The media love affair for John McCain started in 2000 when he forced the Republicans to spend millions of campaign dollars in the primaries to get the nomination for George W. Bush. The media didn’t want McCain to be elected president, but it offered them a way to weaken the Republican Party. It was money wasted and energy expended to put down a man who really didn’t have much use for Republican principles.


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But as you yourself noted, they loved Obama more. And they didn’t use this conspiracy theory (which, as I noted, there was evidence to the contrary of on film).


The media only want to DEFEAT McCain and elect Obama. They had no interest in DESTROYING McCain. He was too useful where he was.


Fair enough. But what about those naptha flames that didn’t appear in the deck film footage?


What “naphtha flames”? JP4 doesn’t contain “naphtha.”


JP5 does; I don’t think the F-4 used JP4. But even if I’m wrong, then where are the kerosene flames?