John Wayne Day rejected over racism concerns...


By: DON THOMPSON, Associated Press

[FONT=inherit]SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — What a California lawmaker intended as a benign resolution honoring a late, world-renowned movie icon exploded into an emotional debate over decades-old racist comments.
The state Assembly defeated the official ode to John Wayne Thursday after several legislators described statements he made about racial minorities and his support for the anti-communist House Un-American Activities Committee and John Birch Society.

Known as “Duke,” a nickname he picked up as a boy in Glendale, California, Wayne grew into the star of movies including “The Alamo,” ''The Green Berets" and “True Grit,” for which he won an Academy Award, while portraying the gruff, rugged cowboys and brave soldiers who were his stock in trade.

Lawmakers reject John Wayne Day over racism concerns | WNYW

Yeah right John Wayne who was married to three latin americans and for those who want to throw up his not serving in the military he tried several times to join.



But there’s a Harvey milk Day may 22.


Don’t know who introduced that resolution, but given Sacto realities, it was either going to die in silence or be defeated outright. Libs & Progs hate his memory and the horse he rode in on.


It can die with them but who says it has to die with the American people. We can celebrate his life as we celebrate the life of Ronald Reagan. THe media be damned…>they’ve been anti-American for a long long time.


uH well Pilgrims this is what I said: “The hyphenated American is ridiculous. But that’s what we have to put up with. I think that any person that’s in the United States is better off here than they would be where they came from.”
― John Wayne