Joining Military Bad Economy


Now, this is just my own personal story but I’ve applied to 100s of Jobs and went on about 50 interviews. Mostly phone calls. about ten physical in suit and tie interviews. I have a competitive resume Eagle Scout, ROTC, Active in my school’s mobile development program (for tech), done a bunch of community service internationally, and I also have a competitive degree a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems. I even did some Post-College training and advanced classes, plus I taught myself a bunch of other useful stuff like how to code mobile applications.

Now, anybody would look at that resume and get say yeah, I do deserve a great job in the computer industry. I did all the right things. I did everything I was supposed too. I’m not a bad kid and I don’t have a jail record, I don’t come from a bad neighborhood/family. In fact, you’ll find it tough to find a family that isn’t more loving and supportive than mine. None of my friends have the support system I had growing up. We are considered upper middle class lower upper class. Yet…I still can’t find a job in my industry. In NYC!!! IT is supposedly one of the fastest growing industries in the world. I graduated college in April 2012. It is now December for god’s sake. !!!

So what’s left for a bored, unemployed over educated nerd to do? Go and join the Navy. My mom and some members of my family who were in the Navy helped me to decide. One of my main reasons for joining is the job market and the political climate in this country. If I’m away on ships for four years, six years, eight years…Maybe the climate will change. Maybe a republican will get elected and steer this country the right direction. IDK but for now, the military is the only option I have left and many of my friends don’t even have this option due to personal or medical issues.

This is not a requiting pitch at all. Believe me I am the last person who wanted to join the military. But this really is my only option, and if you find yourself in a similar situation I urge you to check it out. Especially if you haven’t been to college yet. We all know that the college tuition prices are going to keep on skyrocketing as well as student loans.

PS I am 23 years old now, but Young Republicans seems like a good fit to place this topic in.


Employers in my industry are looking for 2-3 years experience. I’ve seen some others looking for very specified stuff like a master’s degree and/or six years experience. Only the military can offer you that in the current economic climate.


While in the military performing an IT support function, you will come out with several years of experience and a crap load of certifications. You should be able to go many places after that.


Are you willing to move to South Dakota? I can get you a job almost immediately if everything you said is true and you have reasonably good grades.